Is Quizlet an Effective Way to Study?


Even the best students sometimes have trouble learning something, and when that happens, there are some proven methods that can be of much help and speed up the learning process. Now, we live in a digital age, which means that there are also plenty of modern, digital solutions to our problems, and learning apps and programs can be of much help here, and Quizlet is one of those tools.

What is it?


Quizlet is a learning tool available for everyone struggling with a certain subject. As the name of this tool clearly states, the concept is pretty easy and, more importantly, engaging, as the learning process is based on a quiz and other interactive content. It means that the entire process is designed so those using it can find a way to better and faster learn and understand the subject. Namely, the only way to truly learn and memorize something you can later use in real life is by understanding that certain subject, which is why this interactive tool is so popular.

It has many features, meaning that one can easily find one that suits their learning patterns and habits the most. Studying for a test has never been easier, but in the end, this tool cannot do wonders if you are uninterested and unwilling to really learn something, but as for how much it can help to learn and overcome some issues faster, there is no comparison to any other learning tool. On the plus side, you can also track your progress and how well you are doing while using this tool, which can also be of great help when dealing with something you have trouble understanding, as it gives a great insight into how well someone is progressing.

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How to get the most out of this tool?

Like with most things today, there are certain features that are better or, to be more precise, more interactive, which is why using them is highly recommended, as they can help us in our mission to learn.

1. Use flashcards


When we are uninterested in something and feel about learning and going through pages like torturing ourselves, the best way to change that mood is to “create a game” out of it. Namely, even though the subject is the same, if the concept is interactive enough, everything can be interesting and amusing, which leads to a better understanding of that subject and speeds up the learning process.

That is where flashcards step in, as they are much more engaging, but you should know that they work differently on the app and when using a browser to get to their website. Overall, swiping cards and answering the questions is what this is all about, and the app tracks your progress. Once you are done, it focuses on the answers you got wrong so that you go over them one more time. As you can see, it is a simple concept, yet highly engaging and interesting, which will surely help you memorize everything faster.

2. Audio button

Some people learn best if they say it out loud, and luckily, Quizlet has an audio button, which you can use to hear the word or the phrase you need to remember. Even if you prefer studying by only reading, this option can be helpful, especially when learning a new language, as hearing the words is the most important for pronunciation and memorizing. All you need to do is click on the audio button, and you will be able to hear instead of just reading and focusing on that more than focus on memorizing.

3. Create a competition


People are naturally competitive, so they always try harder when they participate in some competition. The reason for that is simple – even if there is no material reward for winning, each of us loves the feeling of being better than someone, and it is the best reward in the end. Because of that, making a competition out of learning is one of the best ways to try harder and memorize more than usual. You can compete with a friend, choose an option of competing with people online or compete yourself, which is the most demanding among these three options. If you choose this option, your task will be to beat the time and show all your knowledge before the time goes away, which requires a lot of concentration and focus.

4. Make it a daily routine

No matter what one wants and tries to learn, being consistent is the most important, and if one decides to study only occasionally, no matter which method one picks, one will not get desired results. Learning with Quizlet is fun and easy, and because of that, it should be a part of daily routine. The great thing is that it does not require more than a few minutes, which means that each exercise can be finished even when waiting in line at some local store. Because of that, finding excuses is never a good idea, and instead of that, it is much better to concentrate for a few minutes and make the best possible results.

5. Night mode


We are all aware of how unhealthy it can be to look at the phone or computer screen for hours. Because of that, we try to find different ways to protect our eyes when studying. The great thing about Quizlet is that has a night mode, which adjusts the light and makes it much more pleasant, and, even more important, much healthier for our eyes. Thanks to that, we can study longer and stay concentrated all the time since our eyes will not become red and sore, and we can focus much better on the material we should learn.

To summarize

As you can see, Quizlet can be a great and effective way of learning if used properly, and what is the best, it is not complicated and does not require a lot of time, which makes it perfect for everyone.