Rajat Sharma Net Worth in 2024, Bio, Lifestyle, Age, Career

rajat sharma net worth

Rajat Sharma Net Worth: In the world of journalism, Rajat Sharma is a familiar face. Despite coming from a below-average family, the rising star gets recognized for his hard work and passion in the industry. He has been hosting the famous show Aap Ki Adalat for 25 years. Indians have come to associate the show with this identity. we will discuss Rajat Sharma net worth, Age, Lifestyle, Family, Career, and some unknown facts.



The Indian journalist Rajat Sharma writes for a number of publications. Interestingly, his birthday is February 18, 1957. In addition to being India TV’s Chairman, he is its Editor-in-Chief. As well as being the Vice President for Strategic Affairs for the Indian Broadcasting Foundation, Rajat is also the President of the News Broadcasters Association of India (NBA). Aap Ki Adalat, which consists of interviews, has become a popular talk show. In addition to Aaj Ki Baat, Rajat Shama’s prime-time newscast airs on India TV from Monday through Friday.

Growing up, he had to share a room with his six brothers and one sister because his family was poor. Because there was no electricity or running water at the park, he used to study at night behind a lamp post.

Rajat Sharma’s wife

In 1997, television broadcaster and journalist married Ritu Dhawan. They are living happily together.  Ritu Dhawan is also a successful lady in her career as her partner. She is working as a Managing Director of India TV and the CEO of television. India TV was founded by Sharma and Dhawan two days before the BJP came to power on May 20, 2004. Independent News Service runs the channel. In 1998, Ritu Dhawan and Rajat formed Independent News Service.

Career and Awards

After finishing his studies, Rajat Sharma became a researcher and then began writing for magazines.

As a trainee reporter with Onlooker, he began his journalism career in 1982.

As he progressed up the corporate ladder, he became bureau chief in 1984 and editor in 1985.

Additionally, he worked as an editor at both The Daily and The Sunday Observer.

His television career began with Aap Ki Adalat, a court-style interview show. This was his first show, on which Lalu Prasad Yadav appeared.

When he performed, he became a big hit.

A number of notable figures from a variety of fields have appeared on that show and it attracts a large audience.

In 2004, he and fellow journalists founded the India TV News channel, which received widespread acclaim for its serious content.

With the help of cutting-edge equipment, India TV now has one of the best studios in India.

The AAP Ki Adalat with Narendra Modi just before the general elections was legendary and surpassed all TV news viewing TRP records and paved Modi’s path to becoming prime minister.

His other shows, such as Aaj Ki Baat, a news bulletin, are also well-known for his ability to ask direct questions in a nuanced manner.

Sharma also prevented the visitor from fleeing without providing all the pertinent information.

Hard work helped him earn his way to the top. He came from an honest family. His success in journalism helped him earn recognition in India.

Rahat Sharma was awarded the Tarun Kranti Award and the Padma Bhushan by the Indian government in 2014 and 2015, respectively, for his contributions to literature and education.

It was elected by the News Broadcasters Association board of directors in 2014 that Rajat will serve as its president.

Sharma has been nominated for the Indian Telly Award for Best Anchor as well as the Indian Telly Award for Best News Anchor.

What is the Rajat Sharma Net Worth?

Rajat Sharma Net Worth is estimated at $16 million as of 2024. There is a Royal Grand Apartment owned by Rajat and Ritu Dhawan Sharma in Mumbai. The Dhawan’s also own some land in their hometown. He used to live in Karol Bagh and owned some real estate assets there.

Rajat Sharma owns a number of high-end automobiles, including Rolls Royces, BMWs, Audis, and Scorpios. While his garage isn’t particularly large, he does have some nice wheels in his collection.

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