7 Tips for Choosing Between Trezor One and Model T Hardware Wallet

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Trezor model wallets were created with one goal in mind: to let everyone in the world, regardless of location, citizenship, or level of technological expertise, independently access and control their digital money. Every piece of hardware and software uses open-source code, which enables users to validate firmware and security researchers to audit and strengthen the codebase to maintain it resistant to new attacks.

Since it is open source, there is much room for customization, allowing advanced users to completely sever their relationship with SatoshiLabs and configure the node they connect to. Additionally, because such device support can be incorporated into other projects, it guarantees secure access to the entire crypto ecosystem.

It is important to have a wallet, but will the Trezor One suffice, or should one opt for all the capabilities of the flagship Model T? One can check on this link to analyze the specifications and features of Trezor One vs. Model T to determine which one to use.

Overview – Trezor One

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This gadget has every essential feature to protect private keys from unwanted individuals. There are many valid reasons why individuals purchase this gadget to keep their crypto assets.

Overview – Model T

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The Model T expands on the original wallet by starting with the Trezor One’s strongest features as a base. A larger touchscreen on these two handsets is the key hardware distinction between them. This makes communicating with the device much better and presents a strong case against Trezor Model One.

Beginner Friendly

When deciding whether a crypto wallet is good for first-timers, the most crucial factor is how the individual will utilize the gadget. The Model T has an integrated touch panel, but the Trezor One does not. Building an experience for the users that is simple enough for everyone to grasp has been made much easier by the addition of a touchscreen.

The Trezor One will be suited for people preferring simplicity and fewer options. The gadget comprises a few buttons. It appeals to individuals who want to dabble in bitcoin because it is much less expensive than the other model.

The T Model greatly improves over the other model in practically every area. This device has a touch panel, which opens up a wider range of functionalities and makes it much more user-friendly. Having everything managed in the wallet directly eliminates the requirement of setting up the gadget with a system, which is a bonus. These factors make the T Model a good choice for novice users.

Trustworthy & Safety

One of the key factors in Bitcoin security is where the keys are generated and stored. One must use a smartphone or PC to interface with the Trezor One. Vulnerability is introduced into the machine by this interaction. The device may also be affected when an infected smartphone uses or sets up funds.

Everything one requires to handle Bitcoin is included in the T Model. From a security standpoint, this greatly simplifies matters. The fully equipped and completely protected Model T makes managing one’s money much easier and more pleasurable.

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Other differences besides the touchscreen should be noted regarding the T Model The gadget also has a speedier processor and micro SD slot compatibility. A USB-C port helps the gadget connect to laptops and smartphones.

The presence of a slot was made for encryption-related reasons. As the key is kept on the device, users can encrypt data on the microSD card. As a result, only those with a wallet who know the corresponding PIN code can get hold of the files stored on the card.

Installing and Setting Up Procedure

The Trezor One and the Model T’s setup procedures are user-friendly. It is challenging for the One to compete with the Model T’s built-in touchscreen. For individuals new to cryptocurrency, this greatly simplifies everything and escalates the setup procedure. One might consider this victory for the more expensive Model in the Trezor One vs. T Model comparison.

Although a variety of other wallets can be used to securely store Bitcoin private keys with both devices, by default, both use the same wallet software. The only significant difference will be that using a touchscreen instead of a few buttons makes everything much simpler to set up.

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Different Cryptocurrencies

The number of assets with the Trezor One is lesser than the T Model. However, it includes popular assets such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. The Model T includes popular cryptocurrencies that the One does not – Monero, Ripple, EOS, Cardano and Tezos.

Trezor One’s asset storage capacity is lower than that of the T Model even though it does contain the most well-known assets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ripple, Monero, EOS, Tezos, and Cardano are just a few well-known cryptocurrencies in the T Model but are absent from the One. In the battle between the Model T and Trezor One, there is yet another big victory for the more expensive wallet.


The user can connect the devices to the phone, even if Trezor One lacks native support for USB-C connections. Carrying an additional cord when on the move is necessary as one may purchase through cryptocurrency from a mobile device is still a hassle due to the absence of Bluetooth connectivity in both gadgets.

These devices are compatible with any operating system, can connect to a PC or laptop, and support Bitcoin wallets on Android and iOS. Moreover, these models are supported by different third-party bitcoin wallets.

Top Features

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Since the Trezor One was launched in 2014, it has had no unique features. But from a security standpoint and usability, the Model T’s touchscreen is quite significant.

The touch screen makes it simpler to use the hardware device as a wallet. It enhances user security by reducing reliance online to which the hardware wallet is linked via USB.


It all boils down to whether a person will purchase such a wallet when deciding between the T Model and Trezor One. There are benefits when upgrading to the Model T. Still Trezor One can certainly do the job for people who wish to keep their cryptocurrency assets securely.

The Model T costs approximately thrice as the Trezor One, but the touch panel makes up for the price difference for those who can buy it. The touchscreen’s increased security and usability features will be of immense value for those opting for T Model. The Model T is unquestionably the choice for those with various cryptocurrency holdings. It is more recent and accepts many more coins. Alternatively, Trezor One still keeps cryptocurrency secure for casual users or those on a tight budget.