8 Clever Ways To Get Your YouTube Video Go Viral

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The success of your YouTube activity depends on what kind of content you are serving the audience, hence it’s important to keep its quality. Luckily, creating one is not that difficult today, since there are tons of free tools you can utilize to make it viral. Quality content makes a quality channel that viewers love to subscribe to. And you want as many subscribers as possible.

When you manage to fill your channel with quality videos, viewers will stay on it, and in the best-case scenario start leaving comments on the video, and follow what you do regularly. We aslo recommend using a VPN for YouTube TV on EarthWeb which can help you stay secure, bypass geographical restrictions, and access the content you want to watch.

In the rest of the article, we’re going to give you some useful tips on what to do, to make sure what you make goes viral.

1. Make sure the content of your video isn’t short

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Numbers can tell you a lot about what people like, and if you look a little more closely at the statistics, you will notice that the most viewed videos are actually those that last an hour or longer.

Another tip is to create videos that will keep the viewer’s attention as much as possible.

Logically, the longer viewers stay on your video, the more it suggests to YouTube that your video is relevant. That’s why longer ones are smarter to invest your time in.

Below are a few more useful tips thanks to which the audience will stay watching your videos longer.

2. Encourage users to engage, and leave you feedback

This network simply prefers videos on which users leave comments and gives them higher positions in the search engine. It’s called user engagement. How do you measure it? Easy, just track the number of likes, comments, subscriptions, content sharing, and adding your video to a user’s playlist. You can make great use of services like Viplikes to make sure you have a starter audience.

Obviously, user engagement is the most effective tool to utilize. But how can you motivate them to react? That’s why we decided to write a little more about it and give you additional advice. So, follow these tips and your viewers will start liking and sharing your videos in no time.

  • Simply ask users to leave a comment below the video. Why? Because people like to give their opinions.
  • Add a CTA subscribe button to your channel and don’t be afraid to nicely ask your viewers to click the button and become your subscriber.
  • Respond to comments. When you reply to comments, usually more people join the discussion. Make a special effort to respond to all comments left by viewers within 24 hours of uploading the video.

3. First fifteen seconds are the most important

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There’s a whole science behind capturing a viewer’s attention, and if you know how to use it, you’ll be able to create content people will be hooked on viewing. It is said that the first 15 seconds of the video is the hook that will “capture” the attention of your viewers. It’s exactly what you need to focus on most. Once they’re hooked, they’ll be following all the way to the end.

Invideo can help you to create videos that stick with your audience. Their templates make the video creation process simple without the need of technical knowledge about video editing. And there’s no risk as you can sign up for free and test the tool out.

4. Follow the trends

All these networks have one very useful tool, it’s called insights. It keeps records of how people react to what you post, according to many different parameters. In these statistics, follow the peaks and valleys on the graphs. If you notice that the valleys regularly coincide when you start talking about, for example, sales on video, change your approach. That is, in future videos, be sure to offer something completely different in those places.

5. Interrupt the video periodically offering different content

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Use interruptions, that is, deliberately make a “break” at certain points in the video. For example, do or say something funny to get viewers to take a break and continue watching the video. As we have mentioned earlier – there’s a whole science behind people’s behavior on social networks, and according to it, on average, people can keep their attention on one thing for only THREE seconds.

6. Monitor session viewing time regularly

This information tells us how long viewers stay on the platform after watching our video. In order to achieve the best results, we recommend the following steps: (1) create a playlist, (2) at the end of the video insert a link to another video with a similar topic.

7. Promote your content

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After you’ve shot, as they say, your dream video, it’s time to think about the actions you’ll take to get it seen by as many people as possible. A step that you should not leave out is the promotion of your channel. Be sure to put the new video at the top of your website (above the fold) and/or add the video to the body of the blog (embed option).

Finally, do not forget to promote the video through various other channels such as newsletters, on the profiles of all the social networks you have, insert the video into the blog (which we have already mentioned), but also share the video on forums.

8. Do transcripts

Have you already published a transcript of a video? If you haven’t, deal with that too, especially if you plan to shorten an existing video in order to publish it on social networks. Keep in mind that most people access social media when they are out in public and a transcript will come in handy when, for example, on public transport, someone does not want to listen to the video loudly.

As we mentioned in the beginning, the content needs to be interesting and done neatly, but this alone will not influence the video going viral. Only if you apply what we have suggested, you can expect your audience to go crazy about your videos. Although it seems like a lot, it’s worth it. People have managed to grow a community using these tips, and ensure their income from posting is a decent one.