How To Go Viral On TikTok – 6 Actionable Tips That Work


Are you on social media, and are you trying to get recognition on TikTok?

A lot of people don’t realize that making films that go viral on TikTok is a lot easier than they think and that it doesn’t require a huge budget.

Nowadays, this platform can be used by individuals and businesses from all over the world. In case you want to pop off but you’re not too sure how to do it, keep on reading. Here is how you can go viral.

How To Go Viral On TikTok 6 Actionable Tips That Work

1. Always try new trends


Paying attention to what’s trending right now is one of the greatest ways to figure out how to go viral on TikTok. So, do you know what is popular in terms of fashion, makeup, or games? If you’re not too sure what’s currently popping, don’t worry about it.

Fortunately, determining what is popular on TikTok is not difficult.

Just check out the For You tab, a tailored feed of chosen content with a ton of recommendations!

Acting immediately on a concept that has the potential to go viral is therefore preferable. So, scroll through till you find something that is easy to recreate.

2. Short videos + your own audio

Keep your clips concise and to the point unless you’re giving a long story that actually begs for a full minute of video. Most people prefer quick and fast-paced content these days.

Compared to a minute-long video, people are more likely to watch eight seconds of a shorter clip. This is why sometimes, less is more! In terms of creating the right type of audio, we recommend keeping it unique.

With a voiceover, you can provide them with a wealth of additional keywords and information about the content of your video, increasing the likelihood that it will be shown to the intended audience. The right use of hashtags and tools such as will also help out your case.

3. Use a green screen


Although TikTok offers a wide range of filters and effects, the green screen effect is especially well-liked.

Similar to a green screen, this technique maintains you in the camera’s field of vision while new imagery is placed behind you.

The story is brought to a new level by the integration of graphic elements.

So, do you want to tell a fun story, that has to be visually appealing? Can you get a green screen into your room? For instance, this little trick may come in handy for workout trainers or models. In fact, you can use pictures of the ideal form for an exercise as a backdrop when demonstrating the moves and giving instructions.

Here, the background graphics support rather than take away from your commentary.

4. Algorithm changes

TikTok uses an algorithm to deliver the best content to its users.

The items on the For You page are chosen by the recommendation engine. How does the algorithm change, and how to know if you’re going to make your way onto the newsfeed? TikTok takes into account three factors:

Engagement: this can be changed through likes, commenting, sharing, and following the accounts of the creators. It’s important how long someone views your content. The algorithm recognizes that your content is interesting if readers continue reading.

Unique & regular content: reach for videos is increased by using trending TikTok sounds, adding hashtags, and adding captions.

You should make interactive videos, upload them frequently (to increase the average watch time), and add sound, hashtags, and popular challenges.

Once you crack this code and the algorithm, it will be easier for you to post content.

5. Post at the right time


Blogging frequently is important, but so is picking a good moment to post. This applies throughout all social media platforms.

If you want your TikTok video to go viral, you should upload it at a time when the vast majority of your intended viewers are also using the app.

This depends and varies based on the country you live in. Usually, you should post during peak hours when you have a greater chance of getting views. For some creators, there is a magic formula. For instance, Content posted on TikTok on Tuesdays at 9 AM, Thursdays at 12 PM, and Fridays at 5 AM has been found to generate the most engagement (believe it or not).

Although these are all great suggestions, remember that the best time to upload depends on variables such as your specific market and your followers.

6. Interact

The more you engage with your TikTok followers, the more you’ll get out of the platform. This is why it is important to stay in touch.

To reiterate, TikTok values audience participation as an indicator of high-quality videos. Consequently, you should think of doing a live TikTok session and interacting with your followers.

To encourage your viewers to tune in, consider the following:

  • Video FAQ (frequently asked questions) response
  • Feel free to ask me anything (AMAs) or private anonymous messages
  • Interviews
  • TBT (throwback Thursdays)

Live chat allows you to respond immediately to questions from visitors.

While you’re broadcasting live, your video will appear on the For You page, and viewers can swipe right to participate.

Those that tune in to your live and provide comments are likely to be the first to see your TikTok videos.

How to get noticed and how to become popular?

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