Cybersecurity in the AI Era: Battling New Threats with Intelligent Defenses


Artificial Intelligence has been with us for some time now, but many people are still not getting used to it or better said, they are still scared of using it. The reason for that are numerous, and we need to understand that older people simply cannot trust “the machine that can think as human.” However, the younger generations are excited about the usage of AI and already implement it in their everyday lives. Just like everything else, it has its benefits and flaws, and there are many ways it can face some modern threats that modern life brings us.

The Rise of AI Tech


Cyber attacks happen on a daily basis, but it’s pretty tough to estimate their actual monetary losses, which is why we constantly hear about online data safety and cybersecurity. Yes, this can pose a danger in the future because, considering how AI will yet reach new highs, we should do more in terms of protecting not just our assets but our private data online as well. That brings us to question whether AI can and should be used in cybersecurity. The problem with AI is that it’s still not checked entirely, meaning we still don’t know all the options and actions this technology can perform.

Another fact that causes concern is false news and rumors created with AI technology. One such concern is the proliferation of AI bots on social media platforms. According to ExpressVPN, these AI-generated bots are more sophisticated in mimicking human behavior, making them very hard to spot. This deceptive practice raises questions about the authenticity and reliability of online content, further emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity measures to counter these threats.

Many people and even some experts state that the time for AI has come and that this technology will take over if we are not careful enough. Even though this sounds more like a line from “The Terminator” movie, these warnings shouldn’t be neglected as total nonsense. That is why we simply need to dedicate our attention to cybersecurity and find new ways to enhance it, as regardless of what new we discover technology-wise, it would all be for nothing if it cannot be implemented due to problems with data safety online.

Implementation of AI

Although many are skeptical regarding how AI can and should be used, the best thing about this tech is that there are no limitations. Namely, this tech can be used for numerous purposes, which means that it can be used in every industry and deal with various tasks, which leaves much room to improve and advance in every aspect. Understandably, we need to be patient and avoid using AI in certain areas where all probabilities aren’t calculated upfront, as it is the only way to avoid any problems and possible malfunctions. Overall, Artificial Intelligence can be used in cyber safety and enhance this system as a whole, but even here, implementing AI should be done step by step, as it is the only way to test and check its flaws and possible limitations.

The Importance of Private Data


Regular people are not aware of how important their personal information can be and how dangerous it can be if they fall into the wrong hands. Whenever we post something online, it can be misused, even if it is just a simple picture of some interesting tree we have seen on vacation. Namely, every post leaves a trace that hackers can use for the wrong purposes and even steal our identity. Many of us simply think it cannot happen to us, as we are just regular people, but it is far away from the truth.

AI versus AI

If we use AI to enhance cybersecurity and protect private data, and certain third party uses AI to breach that security, it’s clear that people will not have such a big role here. Namely, hackers can use this tech to detect possible weak spots in the security and abuse it, and even if it comes to a breach, changing location with this technology is much easier. On the other hand, in terms of protecting data, AI can be used to predict all possible threats and attacks so that it can be ready if some attack happens or, to be more precise, to be prepared for every possible attack, leaving no room for stealing data. Yes, we are slowly starting to live in some Sci-Fi movies, but due to how potentially big this tech can be and how much it can change our future, this is something we need to be ready for.

People versus AI

People have created Artificial Intelligence, which means they are still superior compared to it, but if they learn how to use it properly, they can use all the benefits it has. Namely, AI is great for cyber security, but, as we have already mentioned, people with bad intentions can use it too. Unfortunately, when it comes to some missouts, in most cases, the main culprit is humans. Using popular chatbot apps can be funny, and it can also be useful for our business, but we need to be aware that every piece of information we write down can be misused. Because of that, it is necessary to provide employees with proper training and teach them how to use all the benefits of AI without fear that something will go wrong.

The Bottom Line


The usage of Artificial Intelligence is becoming wider every day, as there is literally no field where it cannot be used. The internet has already changed our lives for the better, as we can now finish many tasks without even leaving our homes, and there is no doubt that AI will improve our lives even more shortly. It is able to face different threats and help us in our everyday lives, but the main thing is to learn how to use it properly, as it is the best way to reduce all the dangers to a minimum and enjoy all its benefits without fear. Regarding everything we know now, it is just the beginning, and the future is bright for Artificial Intelligence and people who decide to use it.