Tips to Extend Your Camera Flash Battery Life


How many times did it happen to you that just when you are ready to shoot and capture some special moment you see that your camera is dead? Just when you are ready to click and get one unforgettable and amazing photo, you see that the LCD screen flashes a warning “battery low” and switches off after informing you to change the battery. Well, believe us, so many people have been in this kind of situation. It is so frustrating and overwhelming.

Therefore, many people who experienced this remember to always take an extra battery with them. However, this is not the solution in a long term. It would be much easier to actually find out whether there are some tricks that will help you extend your camera flash battery life.

It is very useful to learn more about saving your battery’s life and making the most use of it. There are different types of cameras and they all come with specific settings, however, there are some key points and common things that you can take into account and manage your camera’s battery life. It is hard to constantly think about when you need to charge or change your battery, sometimes you even do not have time, so it is a must to provide that you have the camera working when you must need it.

Many cameras come with rechargeable batteries such as Powerextra camera battery, but unfortunately, at some point, even a rechargeable battery is going to lose its power over time. These batteries can be used for any device.

Now, let’s get to the point and find out some tricks that will help you extend your battery life! Some of these tricks can literally save you at crucial moments!

 Always turn off your camera when you are not using it


First thing first, let’s begin with those easier and most convenient tricks that will help you prolong the life of the battery for your camera. You should know that in the case your camera is constantly on, even though you are not taking pictures or videos, the LCD will drain the battery constantly. This especially refers if it is a large and slightly back-lit camera or a touchscreen interface. Therefore, if you are not going to take pictures, turn your camera off and turn it back on once you need to take some pictures.

We need to mention that this counts only when you are sure that you are not going to use the camera for a long time. Why we are highlighting this? Well, if you think that you are going to save your battery life if you repeatedly turn it off and on while using it, you are making a huge mistake. Every time you power the camera on, the processor inside has to run the software that the camera runs on. The optics have to slide out and the LCD screed has to be powered on as well. When you decide to switch it off, everything will turn off inside the camera. As an outcome, turning the camera off and on will drain the battery quickly.

Additionally, do not take a photo unless you are completely sure you want to take it. This also means that you should not give your camera to other people to play around with it and capture something that is not really important. One more thing that you should know is that even depressing the shutter of the camera halfway will set a series of systems into the process that will use battery power.

You can take out batteries when you are not using the camera and also keep spare batteries


One of the great tips that you can start utilizing is removing batteries from the camera every time you are not using it. This is one of the greatest pieces of advice. You must understand one fact – all rechargeable batteries will grow less powerful when you more use them. Additionally, it is a wise idea to keep spare batteries at hand whenever you take your camera. You can put them near the camera, so you never forget to bring them. Pieces of advice of this kind will ensure that you never experience a dead battery moment and lose the opportunity to capture something important.

It would be wise to selectively use the Viewfinder and Zooming


If you are using zooming and viewfinder for instance too much, you must know that this is draining your battery. Therefore, it would be best to stop doing that. In general, all cameras have an optical viewfinder, so it is best to use this one as much as possible. This is because the LCD or some electronic viewfinder can be a real power drainer. Whenever you can, switch it off. One more tip that we want to tell you about that most photographs are not knowing about is that you need to avoid admiring and looking at taken photos too much and too long.

You will be able to do that once you go home and you download the pictures to your computer. In general, the point is that every activity, no matter how big it is, that requires movement of any part of the camera will definitely lead to battery draining. Therefore, if you want to prolong the life of your battery in the camera, you must avoid experimenting with optical zoom. Every time the lenses expand and contract, the process is requiring energy and taking it from the battery.

The process of charging and discharging the camera frequently


There is a big confusion that you need to completely drain the battery in your camera before you recharge it again. Do not fall for this story because non of this is true! In fact, most modern rechargeable batteries will completely run perfectly if you are frequently charging and discharging them. It will not influence their life. However, exposing batteries to sunlight or some other heat sources for long periods will definitely have an impact on losing the capacity of your battery. You must store your batteries in a cool and dry place.

Try following these simple tricks and you will surely extend the life of your batteries!