How Long Does It Take to Ship From Greece to the United Kingdom?


You must have wanted to send a package to someone from Greece to the UK many times by now. However, sending packages is often expensive and impractical, so it is not uncommon for postage to exceed the price of the product or package you are sending. When other factors are added to all this, it turns out that this might not be the best idea.

The price and speed of delivery depend on several factors. For example, it is package weight, package type and value. Also a lot depends on the service you use for sending. If you often have to deal with international shipments, your task is to find the most convenient, reliable and inexpensive resource that will make sending packages a real pleasure.

The most important rule is that you do not send anything from the list of prohibited items. These are weapons and their parts, poisonous and chemical substances and the like. the list of prohibitions is not so long and completely justified. Everything else you can send abroad by packing it safely. If you want to get more useful information, keep reading.

How long does it take to ship from Greece to the United Kingdom?

The package will generally take up to two working days to arrive from Greece to the UK. However, this applies to expedited shipping, which is usually quite expensive. Cheaper services will fulfill your request in about 20 days, and sometimes more. But that is not a general rule. Sometimes cheaper service gets the job done faster. If you need a more precise estimate, you can get it by using the calculator on That way, you will know exactly when you should send the package or luggage so that it arrives at the destination at the desired time.

Read the shipping terms

Glass objects and other fragile objects (ceramic objects, electrical and computer equipment, etc.) should be packed in a hard box, filled with a suitable protective material, i.e. wrapped in a protective material and packed in hard cartons, when the shape of the object does not allow packing in box, so as to prevent any friction or impact during transport, either between the objects mutually, or between the objects and the walls of the box, and ensure full security of the contents of the shipment in transit.

Shipments containing glass items and other fragile items must be handed over by the sender as separate shipments, the contents of which require special attention during reception, processing, transportation and delivery. Liquids should be sealed in completely waterproof containers. Each container is placed in a special hard box containing suitable protective material to absorb liquids in case of damage to the container. The lid of the box closes tightly so that it cannot be opened.

Fatty and hard-to-dissolve substances (lubricants, liquid soap, creams, resin, etc.) must be closed in the first package (box, cloth bag or plastic bag), and then in a box made of wood, metal, solid plastic material or some other material in order to prevent the contents from leaking. Different types of dry powders must be packed in a container (bag, box made of metal, wood, resistant plastic material or cardboard).

Prepare packages properly


You are obliged to pack the shipment in such a way as to protect the contents of the shipment because, in case it is damaged, the courier services are not responsible for the resulting damage. The most important thing is to choose adequate packaging for packing the shipment. Therefore, first of all, take into account the dimensions, weight and fragility of the item you are sending. Avoid “recycling” boxes that you have already used. The structure of the used box itself is often weakened so that it will not be a good protection for the shipment it is carrying. Make sure that the box is tightly closed and that all openings on the box are closed.

If there is a need, you can additionally strengthen the box by covering the pages over the middle with a wide tape. Carefully line the entire inside of the box with protective material and fill in any gaps after placing the item in the box. The most commonly used materials for protection and packaging are various sponges, pieces of styrofoam, newspapers and cardboard.

Reducing costs

Quite cheap service is often not the best, but that doesn’t mean you should go to the other extreme. Carefully consider all the options open to you, as additional shipping costs can add up if you’re not paying attention. To prevent them from piling up, find discounts that aren’t available at your local post office. This advice applies primarily to small businesses that want to save in this way.

Lately, most of the shipping software have announced promotions and other benefits that make their offers more attractive. For example, if you send a lot of mail you may be able to get a lower price per piece. Either way, do your research on pricing and fees. Find the best combination and set the best business rules. Finally, don’t pay re-shipment fees, because automatic address verification does not involve costs.

Use cloud technology


People often make it difficult for themselves in the desire to increase the level of efficiency of business processes. Every minute you waste hurts your productivity, so take the crucial steps in time. Anyone who owns a large or small business knows that every part of the business is very important. Therefore, you should not neglect this aspect either. Focus on creative ways to keep business running smoothly. For example, innovative technology has brought you many opportunities. It helps you improve controls and visibility of all operations.

This also applies to delivery and reception. A cloud-based solution will give you a bird’s-eye view when it comes to transportation operations. This simplifies recordkeeping, rule standardization, and package tracking. New ways of receiving such as automatic notification, proof of delivery and tracking make delivery more convenient and secure. Thanks to this, you also have better control over your cash flow.


So the most important thing is to get delivery insurance and opt for a reliable service. That way, you’ll cover all costs if something goes wrong. This is especially important when it comes to longer distances. Check all restrictions in advance and follow their guidelines and beware of scams. Pay attention to the paperwork that you attach to the package, it must be filled out correctly.