New Zealand City Breaks—Ideas for Visiting One of the World’s Most Beautiful Countries


Few countries can compare to the landscape of New Zealand; the island nation is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. Despite its relatively small size, the scope of things to do in New Zealand is why it is such an attractive proposition for tourists. Often referred to as the “Lake District on steroids” by Brits who can stomach the 23-hour flight, it’s no surprise this small island nation brings in tourism from every corner of the globe. Today, we will look at what this consists of and some of the hidden gems on the North and South Islands.

Cultural Reasons Why NZ is Popular Amongst Tourists?


Despite mirroring many Western values, the English-speaking country of New Zealand is considered one of the world’s top destinations. Several factors contribute to this, but some of the most popular variables include the warm climate during the European winter months and the options for skiers, those looking to check out beaches, and those wanting to sample some of the traditional Maori culture—such as food, dances, and how the traditional tribes live.

The online gaming culture in New Zealand mirrors a lot of what you’d find in the West and is a good example of what similarities exist across some of the world’s most prominent gaming economies, be it console gaming or general online competition.

For instance, casino gaming at LeoVegas aims to bridge the gap between land-based and online bettors, and it is an endeavor that many casino companies are looking to tackle so they can provide broader and distinctive packages to tourists. While tourists travel to New Zealand for other reasons, this is just one example of their attempts to make it an inclusive holiday destination for Westerners.

Since the country is part of the Commonwealth, there’s accessible transit for tourists traveling in both directions. With that said, many more Brits are traveling to New Zealand rather than Kiwis going in the opposite direction. For those looking to stay longer, a recent change to the work and holiday VISA conditions means that UK nationals can now stay in New Zealand for three years instead of one, pending VISA conditions being satisfied.

What Makes NZ Such a Beautiful Vacation Location?


Looking at some of the images and videos on social media of New Zealand allows us to breathe in just how spectacular it is. There’s the skiing excellence of their snowy-topped mountain ranges and the world-renowned whale-watching destinations like Kaikoura. In addition, there are modern, high-quality cities with a high standard of living, such as Auckland and Hamilton.

Maori culture makes up such a significant part of the diverse social fabric of New Zealand. Many of the names of towns and cities in New Zealand are based on the indigenous Maori names, so there’s an incredible amount to learn about how unique and beautiful the culture is and the thousands of years of history behind it. Other elements of New Zealand are world-renowned, from its wine production to its world-famous coffee, and considering the country has a population that is around the size of Sydney, it punches significantly above its weight in terms of living standards and quality of life—which travelers often refer to once they have had a sample for a few weeks as part of their trip.

City or Countryside?


Travelers can sample both easily, there’s no shortage of either. Some countries only have one or the other, but the beautiful, lush countryside setting in New Zealand is one of the most serene settings anywhere in the world. The New Zealand countryside has been used to film some of the most iconic films and TV of this century, including Lord Of The Rings.

Although many people are under the impression HBO’s global smash hit Game Of Thrones starring Peter Dinklage and Sophie Turner was filmed in New Zealand, HBO filmed it across several countries and towns in Europe. However, the mere fact that so many believe this fallacy shows just how incredible the landscape is.

Travelers and those on vacation often mix it up by spending a few days in the countryside or at one of the country’s many highly rated ski resorts. Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington are ideal for city breaks. Those on vacation will often spend two or three days in these cities to get a taste of what life is like as a Kiwi and then spend a similar amount of time in the tranquility and ambiance of the countryside.

If you’re more of a country person than a city-dweller, New Zealand is arguably the best destination in the world. Stargazers can congregate in the mystical and strikingly serene Lake Tekapo, with its many observatories and hikes. The Southern Alps encompasses New Zealand’s highest mountain, Mount Cook or Aoraki, over 12,000 feet high.

Suppose you’re not into the snowy, glacial offerings. In that case, the South Island has an abundance of lush, green countryside to explore, beautiful small, authentic Kiwi towns and villages, and vast, empty country roads where you can drive at your leisure and take in the unbelievable scenery around you.


Whale watching, skiing, and exploring Maori culture are often high on the to-do list for those visiting New Zealand. There’s a significant range of museums, galleries, sports games, and famous TV and film destinations to explore too. Many tourists visit New Zealand to check out where The Hobbit, Game Of Thrones, and Lord Of The Rings were all filmed, but there’s so much to do in addition to this.

While this is a magical experience and something that many travelers strongly recommend, it is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the number of activities and things to see and do in New Zealand. Most people who have been to New Zealand recommend three or four weeks to grasp everything it offers, meaning that you can drink in the hustle and bustle of its major cities and test it against the serenity and peace of the smaller towns dotted around the country