5 Crucial Surf City, NC Tips to Not Look Like a Tourist

Not Look Like a Tourist
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The famous William Shakespeare once said that a person should have more than they show and he should speak less than what they know. This saying is true when people are visiting places on vacation, too. Surf city is one of the top towns on Topsail island and deserves the hype it is subject to.

Surf City is a beautiful treasure and a family-friendly town. All the things this surf city offers promise amazing fun, and you will carry the memories for a lifetime. However, you tend to have a backseat if you plan to explore this place like a tourist. You may have noticed that as a tourist, the locals earn more money from you. Also, you tend to miss out on some undiscovered places due to commercialized trends. Hence, it is better to explore this city as a local and not as a tourist.

Is this even possible?

You need not worry as there are many ways to explore this city as a local. Here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Central Hotel Booking

Central Hotel Booking

When you are booking the hotels at a distance from the center of the traditional stays, you are not moving across the city for attractions and moving to and for around the place. It might hint towards time wastage that you can spend at any museum or eatery. Hence, it pushes you to consider booking a place away from the center. But, will it be worth the while?

The best way to choose reliable places is to know the trends of Surf City. You can find here some great options for Surf City, NC, Vacation Rentals. No doubt, staying away from the center will save you money. So, the choice is in your hands. You can either save time or money.

You can be smart while choosing your stay place and the places you want to explore. For example, you should avoid visiting popular places during the day as they will be crowded. Such places have good nightlife, too. Hence, it would help if you plan your itinerary in a way that suits your interest.

2. Do Advance Bookings And Save Time

Do Advance Bookings And Save Time
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Bookings are not only related to hotels, flights, and stays. When you are visiting Topsail island or Surf City specifically, you should look for the possible tickets available for the events and popular attractions. They are available at various online booking platforms, so you should sort your entry beforehand. If you do it on the spot, there are high chances that you will get stuck or end up spending more than the prescribed amount. Also, on-the-spot bookings are made by tourists only. Hence, there are chances of undue expenses.

Locals have their thing sorted, and the online platforms will help tourists pose as locals. It is a time-saving concept; you need not spend hours in queues. Advance purchases have your back like no other.

3. Appropriate Dressing Like The Locals

Appropriate Dressing Like The Locals
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Tourists are less aware of the customs and traditions of the place. But, the vice versa is valid for locals. They are well-versed in what a place offers, a vibe, and other things. Hence, it is easy to bifurcate a tourist from a local. And that’s the thing that you should avoid. It is an obvious step, but you should not overlook it by not paying attention. Apart from getting the local advantages by dressing up like them, there are other benefits.

It is important to respect all cultures and traditions, especially of the place you are visiting. You can take that clue from the locals for a better experience. Here is a tip for all the female travelers out there. It would help if you had a pair of scarf in your bag and a pair of jeans on holiday. You never know when and how you will end up needing it. Also, it would help if you kept the activewear clothes while holidaying to a minimum. What is the reason behind it?

It screams the tourist vibe from it!

Apart from the basics, other things are a complete NO while posing as a non-tourist. You should avoid taking branded clothes and designer bags. It is pretentious, and apart from being a non-local thing at Surf City, it can attract the attention of pickpockets. It’s the last thing you want to happen to yourself on holiday.

4. Learning The Local Etiquette And Custom

Learning The Local Etiquette And Custom
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Certain things are acceptable in your home country but might not settle right with the general rules at Surf City. It is another generic suggestion to keep in touch with this place’s local trends and customs. You will look like a clueless tourist if you don’t know the customs. The whole idea will be busted, and the authenticity will not be as you expect it to be. Also, learning about the customs and catering to them while exploring the city makes a good impression on the locals.

It will help to demonstrate that the heritage is respected, which gathers a lot of applause and appreciation. You can check the availability of destination-specific etiquette guides for the same.

5. Speak The Common Language

Speak The Common Language
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When familiar with the language basics, you have a better edge to pose as a local. If you don’t want to learn the full-fledged language, you can learn the basic phrases or the possible responses that can be expected from your end. It is a crucial tip to help you gather massive brownie points for your efforts. It works like a golden ticket and helps in boosting confidence while exploring the things, places, and people, on the way.

Also, it will help in decoding some signs or foreign menus for a better experience.


Surf City is a beautiful place that has something for everyone. Be it the family parks or the jewelry shops, the visitors have many places to explore. They can visit places as per what they like, and the best part is that they can gain better benefits by roaming around as locals. It is not difficult, and all you need to do is follow these tips with confidence.