Tj Lavin Net Worth in 2023, Career, Music, Age and Relationships

TJ Lavin Net Worth

Tj Lavin Net worth: Tj Lavin is an American musician born in America. He is a pioneer BMX rider and gold medalist of the former X Games. At the age of two, Lavin started riding a bicycle and became a professional BMX rider at 15. He was also interested in music, so he started his racing and music journey in childhood as fun, and now he has a significant following.

Let’s check out what is Tj Lavin Net worth, his career, relationships and much more.

Quick Bio

NameTJ Lavin
Birthdate7 December 1976
BirthplaceLas Vegas, America
Age46 years old
SpouseRoxanne Siordia
Tj Lavin Net Worth$1.5 Million

Early Life

TJ Lavin was born on 7 December 1976 in Las Vegas. He got his high school education from Clark and Durango high school. TJ is the pioneer of dirt bike racing and started his racing at the age of two. When he became a pro player in dirt bike racing, he found his skills in bike jumping by watching neighbourhood friends doing stunts on their BMX bikes. Nick, the Herda discount policy manager, heard about TJ LAVIN, sponsored and mentored his capabilities, and supported him by polishing his skills. In his various interviews, he is always thankful to Nick Herda. He also disclosed that he has always been interested in business because, in his childhood, he used to sell chew gum.

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He had a mother who worked as a car dealer in Las Vegas. He has a sister named Brooke Lavin. He had a father who worked in the finest hotels in Las Vegas. When he was doing his show, his father suffered from cancer and died at stage 4. But still, he was staying in South Africa for his show for a month with weak emotions. He always says that his father wants me to do work in every problematic situation.


TJ Lavin married Roxanne Siordia. In 2023 they had no records of dating. He is not dating anyone.

TJ Lavin with beautiful wife, Rixanne Siordia



He started to join events like X Games and Dew tours. He won Bronze three, Silver one and Gold three times. He was DK Dirt’s champion and won the crown of “King of dirt“. Also, a winner in the European championship, Gravity Games, and CFB has acres of the track with dirt jumps and groomed trails. In October 2010, Lavin was competing on the Dew tour in Las Vegas; he crashed and was rushed to the hospital. He got some injuries and developed pneumonia. After some time, he started breathing well, the doctor gave a good sign, and he fully recovered soon.

He is known as one of the best BMX riders of all time.


Lavin has been interested in playing the piano since his childhood. He learned piano playing and began to record his audio. And at last, he released his album named “LAVAS the first set”. 

In 2008, he released his single “Soldier”, which was tributed to one of his friends “Stephen Murray” who died during Dew Action sports in Baltimore. He suffered many injuries, especially spinal injuries. The sales of this single were donated to the Stephen Murray family.


He appeared on MTV’s Cribs and then on the video games. He is also the topic of the film named “A film about TJ Lavin”. He has many spins offs and the reality competition “The Challenge”.

The Challenge

  • The gauntlet 2 (2005-2006)
  •  The Duel(2006-2007)
  • The Gauntlet 3(2008)
  • The Duel 2 (2009)
  • Spring Break challenge(2010)
  • The challenge Rivals (2011)
  • The challenge Battle of the seasons (2012)
  • The challenge Free agents(2014)
  • Battle of the bloodiness(2015-2016)
  • Invasion of the champions(2017)
  • Final reckoning(2018)
  • Vendettas(2018)
  • War of the worlds(2019)
  • Double Agents (2020-2021)
  • Spies, Lies, and Aliens(2023)
  • All-stars(present)

He is still working on The challenge, which helps to increase his Net worth.

Physical Appearance

Tj Lavin’s height is 6 feet 0 inches, and his weight is unknown.

Tj Lavin Net Worth

TJ Lavin is popular and enlisted as the richest musician. Tj Lavin Net Worth is estimated to be approximately 1.5 Million dollars.


What is his Full name?

His full name is TJ Lavin.

What is his date of birth?

His birthday is on 7 December 1976.

What is his profession?

He is a professional musician and also a pioneer of BMX riders.

What is TJ Lavin Net Worth?

TJ Lavin’s Net Worth is 1.5 Million dollars.