Alissa Violet Net Worth In 2024, Age, Height, Career, And Relationships

Alissa Violet Net Worth

Alissa Violet Net Worth: The United States model, actress, and YouTuber Alissa Violet gained popularity through social media apps like Vine, Youtube, and Instagram. Violet began her career by posting Vine videos. Until the app was shut down, she had more than 600,000 Vine followers. In this article, we’re going to tell you a little bit more about Alissa Violet.  We will look at her age, how tall she is and where she is from. Also, this article will discuss Alissa Violet net worth in 2024.

Quick Bio

Real NameAlissa Violet-Marie Butler
Date of BirthJune 12, 1996
Age25 years
Birth PlaceBrunswick, Ohio, America
Alissa Violet Net Worth$8 Million
CountryUnited States of America

Early Life and Biography

In the June 1996, Alissa Violet-Marie Butler was born in Ohio, America. She has two brothers and a sister and belongs to a prestigious family. Her height is 1.75m.

She graduated from Brunswick High School. Later, she started making her videos by using the Vine application. She deleted the account after making videos for only six seconds, However, at the time, she became popular.

After getting famous, she decided to pursue video making and create something similar. In 2016, she decided to create her own YouTube channel and start making vlogs. Later on, she joined Jake Paul’s company Team10, which assisted her in growing her YouTube channel.

As a result of working together, they began dating and dating for two years. However, they had to break up as they were no longer compatible.

Further, she makes videos to gain fame and starts modeling. Currently, she has over 9.2 million followers on her Instagram account, which is a major accomplishment.

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Alissa Violet Relationship:

Jake Paul’s company, “Team10”, dated her for two years and then the couple broke up.

She was dating Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul at the same time that she had split from Jake Paul. Both relationships crumbled soon after.

In the same year, Ricky Banks began dating her. Rick is a renowned music producer and composer. In addition, he is a songwriter who has written some of the greatest songs of all time.

What is Alissa Violet Net Worth?

Her YouTube channel initially earned her a salary, but eventually, it converted into revenues, and she acquired the luxuries of life.

Furthermore, she makes a lot of money as an actress in TV shows. Additionally, she has uploaded her songs to YouTube, where they are earning her handsome revenue.

As of 2024 Alissa Violet Net Worth is estimated to be 2 Million dollars. After finishing her studies, she started working, so she started a YouTube channel and started posting vlogs on it. As of right now, her channel has 4 million subscribers and is growing every day.

What is the Secret of Alissa Violet Successful Career?

After installing the Vine app, she uploaded the 6-second videos and got 600,000 followers there. Nevertheless, for some reason, she decided to deactivate her account there and create a YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel was the beginning of her original career in 2015. 

In 2017, after leaving Team 10 due to personal issues with Jake Paul, she became a member of the Clout Gang. Clout Gang provided her with invaluable experience for her future.

Furthermore, she has a very popular Instagram account with nearly 11 million followers. She publicly posts her modeling videos on her Instagram page.

In recognition of her dedication to modeling, she has been offered contracts by four of the most reputable modeling agencies in the industry.

Alissa Violet TV Show:

Among the many talented actresses, Alissa has been cast in many roles. As she develops her skills, more opportunities open up for her

In fact, she has worked in a TV show called “The Deleted.” Thus, as a result of working there, she has a considerable amount of wealth. Taking the same approach as her previous work, she has uploaded the song “It’s Everynight Sis,” and it has been viewed more than 178 million times on YouTube.

Questions You Might Have About Alissa Violet

What Is Alissa Violet Net Worth?

As of 2024, Alissa Violet net worth is 2 Million dollars.

How Does Alissa Violet Make Money?

Alissa Violet makes more than $45,000 a month. Her sources of interest are diverse.  Besides modeling and commercials, she earns well from social media such as Instagram, and Youtube. 

How Old Is Alissa Violet?

Alissa was born in June 1996 and is 25 years old.