Stu Feiner Net Worth in 2024, Family, Wiki, Wife, Age, Bio

Stu Feiner net worth

Stu Feiner Net Worth: Feiner was raised by his parents on Long Island, New York, and is a world-class handicapper. Feiner has been working in the fields of sports handicapping, continuous innovation, and pioneering for more than 30 years. Because of his unmatchable precision and expertise, he has earned the title “The Source.” 

Early Life

Feiner was born on Long Island, New York, on the 31st of January 1961. His father, Howard Feiner, is the toughest veteran on the planet, according to him. His father, Howard, had actually served in the army. On February 11, 2024, his father, Howard, will celebrate his 85th birthday. Feiner’s mother died of complications related to breast cancer during the week of March 17, 2002. Additionally, he had a brother, Les Barry Feiner, who died in 2006 from drug-related causes.

Feiner attended Farmingdale High School from 1976 to 1979, where he received his schooling. His studies at Nassau Community College culminated in an Associate’s degree in Business in 1983.

Feiner, Stu Private life

In 2006, Stu’s mother died of breast cancer, and his brother, Les Barry Feiner, died of substance misuse. On March 12, 1988, Stu Feiner married Sandra Feiner. This is the exact same date from ten years ago when they first met to date in 1988. Sandra has always been an important part of Stu’s life, and his mother has always told him that he should never lose her. After Stu, his mother was the first to tell him that Sandra was the custodian of his life. Stu and Sandra have been married for 30 years and have four sons as a result of their successful partnership. Sandra Feiner has reached the age of 59.


Prior to the internet era, he was a well-known participant in the sports handicapping market. Since 1982, he has been actively interested in handicapping. Stu has appeared in the syndicated national television show “Sports Advisors.” The television show portrayed gambling as a viable financial business.

Feiner was profiled in a Sports Illustrated article titled “1-900 Ripoffs” in 1991. He let Sports Illustrated document his NFL choices for four weeks while his reputation as a handicapper grew. His prediction didn’t come true 100% of the time, and he ended up with a win rate of just 37%. Sports Illustrated then exposed Stu for faking his records.

In 1997, Stu Feiner was said to be running a $16 million sports handicapping operation. Around 200 employees were employed by the company. However, when the internet came along, his business was completely shut down. Al Pacino played Stu in the 2005 film Two For The Money, which was based on his real-life character.

The film is based on the true-life of Brandon Long, a former collegiate football standout. Brandon’s association with one of the most well-known touts in the sports betting industry, none other than Stu Feiner, is depicted in the film.

Stu Feiner Net Worth

Stu Feiner net worth is expected to be around $10 million by 2024.. He has served as a role model for many handicapped people, many of whom are descended from him.

With an incredible winning and success record, Feiner has been able to handle millions of dollars in the sports handicapping sector. In addition, he owns land in Farmingdale and 11 residential properties in his immediate neighborhood.

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Accounts on social media

While Stu Feiner has a YouTube account, it does not have many subscribers. In July 2024, only 2.31K people subscribed to Stu’s YouTube channel.

However, his Instagram account has quite a few followers, and he updates it regularly about his day-to-day activities, interests, and job. With Instagram followers, he has a lot of connections.

Stu has 90.1K followers on Twitter and 292 followers on Facebook as of July 17, 2024. On Twitter, Stu tweets about sports.

Interesting Facts About Stu Feiner

  • The color blue is his favorite
  • He enjoys swimming as a hobby
  • In his spare time, he loves to travel around the world
  • South Korea is his favorite travel destination
  • He is active on his Instagram account.
  • His height is 1.63 meters.
  • Together, he and his wife had four sons.