Willie Falcon Net Worth in 2024, Life, Age, Family, Wiki

Willie Falcon Net Worth

Willie Falcon Net Worth: American entrepreneur Willie Falcon is also a speedboat racer, a drug trader, a web character, and a media personality. He became known across the country after being arrested in 1991 for distributing 70 tonnes of cocaine.

Several administration firms have been founded by Willie Falcon. A private construction business also employs him. Among his achievements are his wins in high-speed motor races. In addition to his good friend Sal Magluta, Falcon has a strong interest in medicine. 

willie falcon and Sal Magluta
willie falcon and Sal Magluta

Furthermore, Netflix has released a mini-series titled ‘Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami.’ It is based primarily on the narrative of Sal Magluta and Falcon. Reports indicate that Augusto Willie Falcon could be the subject of a book titled ‘The Company’.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

Let’s take a look at bio, wife, bail, deportation, career, personal life, age, marital status, and more about Willie Falcon.

Quick Wiki

Full NameAugusto Willie  Falcon
Birthday1 Sep 1955
Birth Place Cuba
Age66 years
Marital StatusSingle
ProfessionDrug Dealer, Entrepreneur
Willie Falcon Net WorthUSD 45-55 Million (approx.)
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight62-66 kg
WifeAlina Rossique

Family and Early Life

The birth of Willie Falcon took place on September 1, 1955. Despite not knowing his parents, Willie Falcon grew up in Cuba with his brother Gustavo Falcon and his family. With his mother, whom he adores, he has a much stronger bond. After attending a local non-public college in Cuba, he enrolled at Miami Senior High College for his high school education. After dropping out of high school, he worked to earn money with his best friend Sal Magluta. His real name is  Augusto Willie Falcon. While still in school, they began selling cocaine and marijuana to supplement their income. When school ended, they left together.

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The construction industry was co-founded by Falcon and Sal Magluta. Also, he oversees the administration industry. These businesses were created as a way to keep black money safe. In addition, he took part in numerous speedboat races.

His finishing position in group races was generally second, though he won a lot with Magluta.

In order to work in the pharmaceutical industry, Willie dropped out of college. With his best friend, Sal Magluta, he began dealing with marijuana, but after gaining experience, he turned to cocaine. Together, they operate nearly throughout Florida. Falcon tries to strike a deal with the shopper. As a result of his engaging attitude and interplay style, he gets a lot of offers.

After the sale was completed, Magluta described the processes for purchasing and promoting the objects. In addition, he assessed the risks involved. They procured medications for the country from the Medellin cartel immediately. In the 1970s and 1980s, they built the largest Cocaine company in the world.

Wife and Children

Alina Rossique was married to Willie Falcon, a Russian woman. The couple had three children named Eileen Martinez, Jessica Falcon, and William Falcon. As Alina was leaving the beauty salon, she was involved in an accident which resulted in her being seriously injured and then causing her death. The violence was unprovoked, according to later reports. Alina was only 33 years old at the time.

Willie Falcon and Alina Rossique
Willie Falcon and Alina Rossique

Willie Falcon Arrest and Release

Together with a good friend named Sal Magluta, Falcon offered a great deal of medication. Most of the drugs they sold were cocaine. In 2003, he received a 14-year prison sentence. He was released on bail in 2017 and then deported to the Dominican Republic. 

Willie Falcon Net Worth

The narcotics transactions and businesses of Willie Falcon were well compensated. His wealth allowed him to lead a lavish lifestyle. His motels, yachts, and posh bars are rumored to be venues for parties.

It is likely that he makes approximately USD 200-250k a year from drug dealing. As well as the compensation for his real estate and construction business. Willie Falcon net worth is USD 45-55 million in 2024


Why was Willie Falcon deported?

In June 2017, he was released at the age of 62. Upon his release, Falcon, who was born in Cuba, was deported to the Dominican Republic at the request of his lawyers on the grounds that he feared for his life in Cuba.

Who is Willie falcon?

A well-known entrepreneur, speedboat racer, drug trader, Internet personality, and media personality, Willie Falcon hails from the United States.

What is the age of Willie Falcon?

He is 66 years old.

How much is the Willie Falcon Net Worth?

It is estimated that Willie Falcon net worth is USD 45-55 million in 2024