Best Upcoming USA Concerts and Music Performances You Shouldn’t Miss


Are you a music lover? Did you know that music makes you happier? But did you also know that once-familiar tunes can take you back to times you miss?

However we look at things, music is part of our life. Some of us love listening to our favorite songs at home, while others constantly look for the best concerts nearby. And while some people are completely satisfied with headphones and a favorite playlist, others are constantly searching for the best concerts in Michigan 2024, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and so on.

The good thing is that there is always an interesting offer of concerts in the USA. So you can always find great A-list artists, but also alternative and new bands, which guarantee great entertainment in every possible aspect. It’s even easier that tickets for all music events in the USA can be found at

If you dig deeper, you can find numerous concerts and performances, and we’ve picked out a few that we liked:

1. Firehouse


Firehouse has several performances scheduled but will also participate in several festivals in 2024.

These are performances that no fan of hard rock and metal music should miss. The band has existed since 1989 and, in the 90s, was one of the best in its genre. Although they are from Richmond, Virginia, they achieved global success with powerful songs like “All She Wrote” and “Love of a Lifetime.”

Apart from the USA, they are also popular in South America and Europe. But what is interesting is that they have the most fans today in Asian countries like Japan, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Fortunately, you can also find them on the ticket services if you want to buy concert tickets in Ohio 2024 because it is in Columbus that they will perform independently, without the accompaniment of other performers. They also have a solo performance in Saint Charles, Illinois, but during the spring and summer, you can see them as part of the M3 Rock Festival and Rock The Dam 6.

2. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd Tribute

About Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd Tribute, we can say that it is one of the most active tribute bands in the whole world. With several concerts scheduled in Ohio and New York, this band will win you over with their renditions of the legendary band’s famous songs.

There is not much to say about tribute bands because their mission is to continue working on bands that have broken up or no longer exist for various reasons. And we have to admit that Pink Floyd is the band that created important chapters in music history. That’s why many people adore the band itself, but also their cover bands.

3. Bone Thugs N Harmony


If you’re a fan of old-school hip-hop, you probably already know that Bone Thugs N Harmony performs in full force, just like they did in the 90s. They are among the most popular rappers worldwide, and each member individually has an exciting and controversial history. This led to certain changes in the group because, for many years, they performed in a shortened composition or as independent artists.

But in 2024, you can choose to see their concerts in California, Michigan, Arizona, or Nevada. But the best thing is that you can always find the cheapest website to buy concert tickets and get great tickets at promotional prices for Bone Thugs concerts.

They will also perform at several interesting festivals, including the 420 West Fest, Lotos Music Festival, and Legends of the West.

4. The Steel Wheels

The Steel Wheels are a folk rock band from Virginia, and we have to say their music sounds great. With a combination of unique vocals, banjo, acoustic guitar, drums, mandolin, and keyboards, they create extraordinary, unique, and fun music.

Interestingly, they are the founders of the Red Wing Roots Music Festival, which will have its tenth edition in 2024.

The Steel Wheels have released 12 studio albums, which means that at their concerts, you can enjoy music from the very beginnings in 2005 until the last releases of 2024. And believe us, you really have something to enjoy.

5. Lil Durk


Lil Durk is a representative of the modern rap scene. He will have many concerts in 2024, starting in February. Some of them will be held in Hawaii and then in New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Lil Durk is known for his career as an independent rapper and is also part of various rap movements and productions. He has a rebellious nature and several legal punishments in different parts of the United States. He is a controversial member of the rap movement, known for public conflicts with other rappers.

Also interesting is that he has six children with several women but is currently in a serious relationship with India Royale. If you love Lil Durk too, then you surely know all the details about his private life.

And if you are not familiar with his music, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible and do not miss one of the following concerts near you.

6. Muse

You are probably well acquainted with the work of Muse, and it is even better that until July, they are on a joint tour with the famous Evanescence. Both bands are representatives of contemporary alternative music.

With their work, metal, rock, and alternative are especially close to the younger population. For a long time, these genres were marginalized at the expense of pop music, but several bands are responsible for young people enjoying these performances equally.

Therefore, you have many choices, both in the USA and in Canada, to visit at least one of the concerts of Muse and Evanescence. We are sure that you will have a great time and that you will want to visit at least one more concert.

Final Thoughts

Concerts are always there for us to cheer us up and be a bright spot for us, even when we are having a hard time. If you like our selection of artists with multiple concerts across the US this year, we advise you not to miss them when they are near you.

Of course, many other artists have tours and performances in the coming months, so we can say that the choice is really big, and all you have to do is enjoy the music.