The Best TV-Based Slot Machines to Try This Summer


There are dozens of casual games being launched every month, and a significant number of them are casino games, mostly slot machines. Slot machine developers are constantly pushing out fresh content to keep their players coming back for more, and while they’re on it, they continuously look for new sources of inspiration for their games. Some of them are looking at TV and streaming shows – and this results in great games both for players and the fans of the shows they love. Here are some of the best that you can try this summer.

Game of Thrones (Games Global)

The on-screen vicissitudes of Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and the droves of other characters, beloved or universally hated, ended years ago, but author George R. R. Martin still owes us the conclusion of their story as he imagined it. Since the end of the Game of Thrones series, we had the chance to see its first spinoff, House of the Dragon, which is a worthy prequel to one of the greatest series of all time.


At its height, Game of Thrones has inspired countless works of art and entertainment, including video games – Games Global’s slot machine based on the series is one of them. While it doesn’t feature too many moments from the series – it has some imagery and symbols, and the series’ iconic score by Ramin Djawadi. Still, it brings back memories, good and bad, about the series – and even if it wasn’t inspired by it, it would still be a great slot machine.

You can try the Game of Thrones slot machine at Betway or any other Games Global-powered online casino.

Narcos (NetEnt)


Another iconic series, this time a Netflix exclusive that chronicles not the fight for the throne of some fantasy kingdom but the world as it is around us: Narcos. Following the rise to power of one the world’s most-feared drug kingpins, Pablo Escobar, the series had four seasons, and was nominated for pretty much every award you can think of. It was also instrumental in pushing Pedro Pascal into the spotlight, something we should undoubtedly be thankful for.

As you might expect, Narcos was also a source of inspiration for countless offshoots, including a spinoff dealing with Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. Plus, a video slot machine from Swedish developer NetEnt.

The Narcos slot machine features every familiar face from the series, along with all the modern special features one might expect from a video slot machine nowadays. And, of course, it has a great atmosphere, especially for the fans of the show.

Downtown Abbey (Skywind)

Perhaps it doesn’t have any swords and sorcery, and it doesn’t tell the story of brave special agents taking down some of the worst criminals of our times, but Downton Abbey still managed to find a way to the hearts of its viewers, becoming one of the most successful British period dramas ever created, collecting several Primetime Emmy Awards, winning a Golden Globe, and earning the recognition of fans and filmmakers around the world. The series has spawned several spinoffs – one-off feature films, five Christmas specials, and a video slot machine built by Skywind.

The game features all your favorite characters from the series, along with outtakes, clips, and sound effects that will certainly feel familiar. It will also delight you if you are a fan of high-stakes slot machines that have high volatility, with its 40 win lines and several special features and side games.

Hell’s Kitchen (NetEnt)


Gordon Ramsay is probably best known to the general audience for his potty mouth – he is the celebrity chef that swears the most while on camera. Those following his other shows, in turn, are also convinced of his talent in turning often mundane ingredients into amazing dishes, with no f-bombs in sight anywhere.

NetEnt’s video slot machine has turned Gordon Ramsay’s F-bomb-filled on-screen adventures into a video slot machine. As you might expect, the game revolves around food – the players take on the role of participants in a cooking competition whose jury is Gordon Ramsay himself. The game’s specials are based on tasks one would have to perform in such a competition – but this time, no previous cooking experience is needed to win big.

The Hell’s Kitchen slot machine has excellent graphics, as you got to expect from NetEnt and an unmistakable atmosphere.

La Casa Del Papel (Skywind)


La Casa del Papel (Money Heist) is perhaps the most successful European series on our list. In it, a team of specialists led by the Professor is planning to rob the Spanish Royal Mint and, of course, they get into all sorts of trouble. The series was first shown on the Spanish broadcast network Antena 3. Later, Netflix took it under its wings, giving it global fame, and turning it into a massive phenomenon with a global universe, inspiring a Korean spinoff called “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”, and a spinoff inspired by one of the team members, Berlin, currently under development.

The list of awards and nominations received by the series is impressive, ranging from industry awards from Spain to International Emmys and a Golden Nymph at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. One of the songs in its soundtrack, Modena City Ramblers’ rendition of the classic folk protest song “Bella Ciao”, became a summer hit across Europe in the summer of 2018.

Skywind turned “La Casa del Papel” into a hit slot machine in 2020. The game is the perfect choice for the fans of the show, with clips from the series all over the place, and revolving around the big-money heist they prepare. The game has high volatility, industry-standard RTP, and a look that will make you want to binge-watch the series again.

In conclusion

In the last two decades, television has reached a stage where it gives viewers a high-quality experience, often matching that of feature films. Slot machine developers certainly feel this shift in trend, often looking for inspiration among the many series available today. This is certainly good for the fans of the slot machines – and the series as well, because they can relive the moments that made them fall in love with the show again and again.