Top Games Ported to Android


80’s and 90’s kids enjoyed some of the best PC games. But now mobiles are dominating the world. Hence, you want to play those good old games on your Android mobile.

So, if you are a retro games lover, then you have good news. Some of these have been ported to Android. You can search – PC ports to Android and you can find a long list to choose from.

However, you may not have enough time to search for the names of all those games. That’s why we have prepared, with PingleStudio, the list on which you can find your favorite pc games on mobile.

Top 15 Popular PC Games Ported to Android

1) FIFA Football (mobile)


FIFA football (EA) was one of the most popular video games on PC. In the mobile version, you can score goals and you can defend yourself from the opponent team. You have to stay online to play. This one is around 100 Mb and it’s really a great gaming experience.

2) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA is another dream game that you can now play on mobile. In 2012, GTA Vice City came on mobile and players are happy to take it. The music, city, and all the mischievous actions are there.

3) Max Payne

Max Payne was like the king of PC action games. Now Max Payne is on mobile (2012) and it has not lost its charm. The serious voice and the gripping story make this release truly engaging.

4) Tomb Raider

You may find multiple Tomb Raider titles on the Android store. Lara Croft and her adventures were popular on PC. However, with some changes in controls to optimize it for smartphones, Lara Croft won’t disappoint you.

5) Doom

In 2019, Doom was released on mobile. The second part of Doom was more successful than the first one. Hence, you should play (DOOM II: Hell On Earth). The game with its guns and creatures is extremely engaging.

6) Space Invaders


Space Invaders was a great windows PC game. You have to shoot many invaders and you have to defend the Earth. This one is not free, but you will find it highly enjoyable. So, play it.

7) Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for speed is one of the best PC racing franchises. To expand its fanbase, it was released on Android. Its mobile version has satisfied the players. This means you will experience smooth controls and impressive gaming.

8) Call of Duty Mobile

With a multi-player mode, Call Of Duty was released on mobile in 2019. With great graphics and good controls, Call of Duty became a popular game on Android. So, don’t miss it.

9) Minecraft

Unleash your creativity with the Minecraft Pocket edition. Minecraft is an unforgettable PC release. Hence, it was also released on mobile. Build you city, survive, and create in this mobile edition.

10) X-Com Enemy Within

XCOM is a strategy game and many players thought that the mobile edition would not be a good one. But XCOM mobile edition is as impressive as the PC release. You will find enemies, soldier’s abilities, and new weapons here. So, download it and play it.

11) Company Of Heroes


It’s a successful war game (PC) based on World War 2. However, the commands, strategies, and combat plans make this release a different one. The game is available on Android and it has not lost its old features.

12) Tetris

If you are looking for puzzle PC games ported to Android, then you should pick this one. Tetris is back with several modes and satisfying graphics. Tetris (1984) is a popular release and it won’t take up a huge space on your mobile.

13) Brawlhalla

Free-to-play releases are not always great. But Brawlhalla is a PC action game that is famous for its fighting style. It was released in 2020 on the Android platform. It’s a good game with some easy controls and anyone could play it.

14) Dragon Quest II

Magic, spells and monsters are part of the world of this release. It’s an RPG and you would love its ambiance. Dragon Quest II is a one-time download meaning you just download it and start your quest.

15) Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is a wonderful game. You just have to drop passengers at their destinations within the deadline. Hence, it’s a fun game and you would love it on your mobile. It was a really popular title on PC. Hence, bring back your old memories when playing this one and don’t forget to listen to the taxi radio.

How to Port PC Games to Android?


1) Help A Mobile to Understand The PC Game

When you port a PC game to an Android platform, you must have the source code of the game. PC releases use different languages. That’s why it’s important for programmers to write new codes for the ported version. Hence, you should get the source code of the title you want to make available on Android.

2) Mobile-Friendly Controls

PC games have completely different UI and controls. Now, mobile won’t have keyboards or mouses. This means all the touchscreen controls should be there. You can introduce new controls or you can keep the original controls. But your controls should work smoothly.

3) Update The Graphics

Many old PC games lacked high-resolution appearances. So, if you want to port one, then you have to upgrade the resolution and character graphics.

A mobile phone user wants HD graphics. So, low graphics would bore them easily. On the other hand, modern PC releases require high-end hardware support. In that case, you may have to lower the graphics of those.

4) Follow The Google Store Rules

Google Store has its rules. Therefore, you can’t overlook them. To sell your app officially, you need Android store support. So, read all the rules of the Google store and port your game.

Final word

PC ports to Android may sound like a great idea. But you may have to face copyright acts and technical difficulties. Moreover, if your app fails to run on an Android mobile smoothly, then your time and money would go to waste. So, you should take the help of professional developers and contact the company that originally release it. Professionals would port your PC game to Android and you could reach your audience.