Stolen Guns

ATF needs help with stolen guns

WATCH: Black bears wear GPS devices to track human contact and food sources

You may have seen black bears in the Smoky Mountains with GPS monitoring devices around their neck. It's part of a new multi-year study to see where bears are getting human food.

WATCH: Kingston man's vintage clothing collection featured in Cosmopolitan

Jonathan Galyon can't stop flipping through Cosmopolitan Magazine. He may not be in this month's issue, but his work is.

WATCH: Large rodent species escapes in Monroe County, now back home

From Sasquatch to pterodactyls, Tennessee Wildlife agents get all sorts of crazy phone calls.

Inside of Knoxville: Endangered buildings

Inside of Knoxville: Endangered buildings

Dani Weather 7-21

Dani Weather 7-21

Tight Ends

Volquest UT Football position preview


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