Inside the Mind of a Casino Marketer: Strategies for Luring in New Players


These days, the gambling & casino market has a wide variety of casinos from which to pick. The online gambling industry grew by €4.3 billion last year, and it is expected to grow even more in the future. The market is expected to grow rapidly, according to experts. In a competitive environment, this means that every resource must work harder to attract users’ attention.

This means that one should host events to promote their services, offer unique promotions, and advertise their games. Casino MIRA is a great example of how and who can have fun. With a ton of slots and unique games plus luring bonuses – you will fall in love with what they have to offer.

1. Know where the money comes from


This incredible level of achievement, according to the Businessweek story, is not cheap. Junket companies in Macau received $13 billion (or 29% of total income) in 2016 as compensation for bringing high rollers to casinos. Because the junket operators provide free hotels, transportation, and entertainment, the players are loyal to them.

You have many possibilities because there are currently 200 junket companies authorized to operate in Macau. The huge sums owed to junket operators each month are hurting Macao casinos, despite the model’s apparent success. While some casinos rely solely on junkets to bring in customers, others are attempting to diversify their clientele by building upmarket shopping malls and providing their visitors with entertainment alternatives.

2. Marketing

Affiliate marketing for online casinos is among the most straightforward and fruitful ones. Getting people to buy from you is not hard. With the correct targeting settings, as few as 5-15 clicks or 200-300 impressions is all it takes to create a conversion in some GEOs. First of all, it’s not an absolute standard but rather an average one. One final point in favor of gambling is that it has a cheap cost of error.

This market is ideal for novice marketers. In addition, seasoned professionals are reluctant to abandon this gold mine in favor of more challenging specializations. Poor-quality banners and landing pages will still result in a drop in traffic, but not to zero. There is also a modest admission price. It’s possible to try out a market with as little as $20 and to invest $100, $30, or $50 initially.

3. You should never get carried away


The stories of avaricious gamblers who win a fortune just to blow it all in one last bet are commonplace. This type of behavior is more common than one may think. Your gambling should be treated like an investment. Even if you’re on a roll, you should know when to stop playing, and how to walk out fling like a champion. Do not make hasty decisions like increasing your bet size because you think you can’t lose. If you want greater results, you need to learn when to quit. This is how casinos make a lot of profit.

4. You should target young people (guys especially)

The math is simple: a customer’s lifetime value increases directly as they become older. If you can draw in younger clients, you may potentially earn a lot of money from them over the course of their lifetimes. The sooner they begin – the better for you. You want people to frequent your casino and spend their leisure time and money there.

You can achieve this by concentrating your marketing efforts on the same social media networks that Millennials and other younger people use frequently. Promoting each other’s material on other channels, like radio and social media, is one such tactic. You want your creative messaging to be consistent across all platforms.

5. Lack of clocks & lights


It is easy to lose track of time when gambling because there are usually no windows or clocks around to remind you of the passage of time. If time isn’t a factor, you won’t feel like leaving the game early to go home. To lose all sense of time and place while gambling is to enter a “zone.”

Addicts may go to casinos on purpose to get into that state of mind, and for them, it doesn’t matter if they win or lose. They may spend hours in front of a single machine, oblivious to the pains of the outside world. This is why getting rid of any clocks, windows or curtains might be a good idea.

6. Time when you come

For any blogger that intends to post adverts or reviews, this is an essential metric. The spring and summer months are the most productive for advertising initiatives. Although online gambling can be a bit different. On Fridays between 16:00 and 22:00, the majority of visitors arrive. Holidays and weekends are sluggish periods.

It steadily increases Monday through Friday. Tests may be arranged for the morning, the afternoon, the evening, the winter, or the fall. Most individuals go out to have fun between 18:00 and 22:00 after work. The busiest period of the week is the weekend, particularly Friday night, which is how a casino can lure you in.

7. Memorable scents


Do you remember the smell of the casino you visited recently? Scents can be used to promote the casino’s brand, hide any unpleasant aromas, and entice customers to spend more money. One study found that gamblers spent 45% more money at odorized slot machines. Diffusing scented oils into the air ducts of a casino is a modern way to make gamblers feel more at ease.

You may even buy the scent of your favorite gambling establishment. Food can be smelled temptingly from the bakeries and restaurants found at most casinos. The bright lights and upbeat sounds of slot machines create an inviting atmosphere in casinos. People want to stick around and gamble in this positive atmosphere.