Cozy Retreats: Unearth the Best Autumn Getaways for 2024


Autumn is coming. Or that would have said a different version of Jon Snow in the famous TV Series. Nevertheless, autumn (or fall) is for some people the favorite season of the year. They have explored beach after beach, rode wave after wave, and drunk as many cocktails as they could handle.

Now, it’s time to dress heavily with your favorite cozy hoodie, find a comfortable corner in your house to sit (or lie), dim lighting, and relax with your favorite book on one hand and cocoa on the other. All while the wind outside is howling and nature dresses in orange and brown. Who would turn this opportunity down? We are telling you that, no one!

For all of you who are just like that, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the most cozy retreats for you to visit this autumn.

Now, before we move to our suggestions, we have one autumn tip for you. Assuming you prefer to travel (who doesn’t) and not spend your whole autumn home, which could also be a good idea for some, you are going to fly a couple of times to reach your destinations. So, when you book your airplane tickets for one of the below destinations, remember to book your airport transfer with AtoB as well!

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Having established that, let’s explore together some of the most cozy retreats you could visit this autumn!

1. Asheville, North Carolina, USA


Let’s switch from “autumn” to “fall” for our dear American hosts. In Asheville, you’ll have a unique opportunity to witness the most dramatic view of fall foliage in the US. Many mountain trails and more than 100 species of deciduous trees transform the Blue Ridge Mountains into the best place to experience the most vibrant leaf season.

Once you are there, you can do everything you please. To begin with, there are outdoor activities to explore and feel firsthand the Asheville fall. Whether you want to go hiking or bicycling on the countless mountain trails, it’s your choice to make. The very air smells like fall and you know what we are talking about. Or you could just stay indoors in one of the wooden mountain retreats and enjoy the view from your windows while you are reading your favorite book or watching your favorite TV series.

2. Kyoto, Japan


Although the cherry blossoms of Japan are well-known around the world, Kyoto’s fall foliage may be more stunning.

The fall foliage has a more subdued beauty that develops on you the more you look at it, in contrast to the peak cherry blossoms. And while it takes tremendous luck to see the cherries in full bloom (they only do so for a few days each year), the fall leaves can be seen for up to two months.

Kyoto has a plethora of excellent foliage spots. Nearly every garden, shrine, and temple has maple trees and some other colorful trees that end up into this eye-scorching color of the fall. So, let’s see some of our suggestions.

  1. Tofuku-ji Temple: Three distinct bridges cross the ravine on the north side of the compound, which is covered in maple trees that turn brilliant scarlet in November. The Hojo Garden in this location offers an excellent autumnal vista.
  2. Takao: It has long been one of Kyoto’s most popular places to view the fall leaves and for a very good reason; the mountain village of Takao is covered in maple trees which by now you understand what that means during the fall season.
  3. Ginkaku-ji Temple: One of Kyoto’s most beautiful gardens where you can find many species of trees including maples.

3. County Wicklow, Ireland


Autumn in County Wicklow is wonderfully alluring. The deciduous woodlands are covered in a thick layer of vividly colored leaf litter, and the unfallen leaves above are a fiery red, orange, and yellow color. Huge expanses of deserted moorland are home to deer rutting, while rowan trees dotted across the russet-hued mountain slopes are covered in an abundance of bright red berries.

It’s difficult to explain with words what you see, experience, and feel while you are in this forest. Even the forest floor sometimes looks like a golden carpet. Take an airport taxi to come here and feel that this view is straight out of a fairytale.

4. Tuscany, Italy


Tuscany is known for its vast acreage of vineyards, and therefore, for its wine. What happens though to this land during fall? Tuscany is actually very beautiful in the fall.

The famous rolling hills of this picture-perfect region of Italy take on the golden hues of this season, giving them the appearance of a Renaissance painting. The typical climate is moderate and sunny, making it ideal for sightseeing and exploring Tuscany’s artistic cities and villages.

Harvest season brings fresh-pressed olive oil, pumpkins, and mushrooms to Tuscany’s tables, and the region’s award-winning wineries are hard at work turning their magnificent grapes into mouth-watering wine. Tuscany in the fall is indeed breathtaking if you enjoy art, cuisine, or road trips.

And of course, this is the perfect time to book an AtoB airport transfer and visit Tuscany’s famous hilltop villages. At this time, they will provide stunning views of the surrounding countryside and its orange and brown color due to the tree abundance, in addition to the lovely lanes, churches, and pleasant corners that have made them so well-known. You can see forests, olive groves, and vineyards from their bastions and piazzas, which create a scene with tones of dark green and gold. Magical, right?

And there you have it! From the Land of the Rising Sun to the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is your personal guide for the best cozy retreats to unearth during this autumn. This is a season for all senses and a great way to farewell summer. Travel to the realm of fairy tales with these destinations as your stay there will be worth remembering.