The Importance of Saving Energy and How to Do It Better


Saving energy is our collective effort to live a better life at home, at the office, or wherever we are. There are various reasons why we have to save electricity because the benefits of it will not only be for ourselves but also for everyone around us, including the generation after us.

Electricity is a form of energy that we use and need every day. Most times we are not aware that we have wasted energy, or we may know that it is an act of wasting energy, but do not understand what is the wider impact of using excessive energy.

Keep on reading below to know more about the importance of saving energy in our daily life.

What Are The Benefits of Saving Energy?


1. Cost Savings

If you don’t pay attention to your electricity usage, don’t be shocked when you see that your monthly electricity bills are soaring up to the sky! If you want to save more money each month, cutting back your electricity usage might be the ultimate easy thing that you can do.

2. Prevent on the Increase Global Warming

In a lot of countries, a lot of electricity is still sourced from coal as a fuel which leaves waste in the form of carbon emissions and environmental pollution. The higher the consumption of electric power, the higher the CO2 emissions produce – this can damage the earth’s atmosphere even more. The constant damage to the atmosphere can affect severe global warming. And thus by saving electrical energy daily at home, we have contributed to protecting the earth from global warming.

3. Saving the Non-renewable Fossil Supplies

The supply of fossil fuels such as coal is very limited in number. Even worse, this fuel is not a renewable resource. It will take millions of years to get them back. Therefore, by being mindful of electricity usage, it can be a way for us to also help in saving fuel supplies as well.

How to Save Energy Better?

After knowing all the reasons why we have to save energy, it’s time for us to be mindful of using it. And to do it effectively is not hard, there are many ways you can do to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

1. Unplug Electronic Devices After Usage

Turning off all electrical devices while not in use is a great way to save power and reduce bills significantly. Make sure your devices, when not in use, are unplugged to save electricity. Make it a habit to always unplug charging cables that are not in use as well.

For example, after you finish charging your phone – don’t forget to remove the charger. Current will still flow through cables that are plugged into an outlet even when not in use. Therefore, avoid this habit if you want to save energy better.

2. Maintain and Service Air Conditioner Regularly

Utilizing an air conditioner for your house does not mean that you can’t save energy as a result. There are various ways that you can save energy while using it. The first thing is to avoid setting up the air conditioner lower than 24°C. The second one is by maintaining and servicing your air conditioner regularly.

The latter is very important but often missed by a homeowner. Servicing the air conditioner regularly will result in better energy efficiency and lower costs. This is because, the more clogged the dust filter is, the more difficult it will be for the machine to work. And that means, it will require a lot more energy to cool the room. Check out Luce Aircon if you are currently in need of an air conditioner service provider.

3. Use Low Watts Devices

Nowadays, it is so easy to find electronic devices that can work optimally while only needing a low wattage. Thus, you may want to purchase this kind of electronic home appliance in order to reduce electric power consumption. It is best if you purchase the most-used devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines that have this special feature.

4. Use LED Lights


You can use high-quality led lights to save power instead of regular lamps for your house. Even though the price of LED lights is a little more expensive than the usual types of lights, this type of light has lots of advantages. It has been proven that using LED lights can save electricity, even up to 90%. LED lights in their use can give off a brighter and longer-lasting light than the usual types of lights. Thus, you definitely purchase this instead as a way to save electricity more effectively.

5. Maximizing Doors and Windows

The more air and light that enters through the doors and windows, the more power can be saved, especially during the day. The sunlight that enters through the doors and windows is enough to illuminate the house, so there is no need to turn on the lights.

If the sunlight that enters the house during the day is too hot, you can use the appropriate curtains or window coverings. So you can be more comfortable letting the natural lights in.

6. Plant Greeneries at the House

You can also save electricity at home by planting green plants at home. There are various ornamental plants that you can choose. These plants can not only beautify your home, but also make the air around you feel fresher. Thus having a lot of greenery at home, can help to reduce the need to use air conditioners and fans.

To save energy better and effectively, you will need help and contribution from the whole family. This is because you can’t do all of the things that we have mentioned above optimally unless everyone in the house is joining. So make sure that everyone knows the importance of saving electricity, and inform them about what they should do.

You can also do it in a creative way to remind them how to save electricity. For example by putting notes to remind people to turn off the light switch after using the toilet.