Guide To Leveling The Skinning Profession In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight


In World of Warcraft, your equipment, knowledge of the game, understanding of the current meta and the ability to control your character and know his strengths and weaknesses play an important role.

If most of these items are personal practice and reading guides, then equipment is obtained in several ways:

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2. Occupation with professions – each class has a bunch of two crafts that will allow you to extract and sell useful materials to create valuable and high-quality equipment and weapons and go with it to locations to improve it.

For the dodger class, that is, characters with the main attribute dexterity, you need to focus on light armor and weapons, depending on the class. From the professions for the extraction of materials, you need to study and pump skinning – this will help to accumulate enough leather to produce and improve high quality leather armor.

What is the profession of skinning

Skinning allows players to hunt wildlife and skin them for further processing into leather. For the procedure, you will need a carving knife, which can be purchased in any city from a special NPC. You do not have to exterminate animals yourself – you can butcher the bodies of killed mobs that have not yet been skinned.

What has changed in the Skinning profession in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

In the Dragonflight update, all members of the skinning profession now have the ability to install special lures that will soon attract a random creature to the location, which can be skinned after defeating it. You can use the skill only on the Dragon Island.

Now, if there are several members of the Skinner profession in the battle group, each of them can skin the same monster – the only condition is that someone from the group must deal damage to this creature.

If the monster was killed by another group, then you can skin it only if there is no skinning representative for this group of players.

When your profession development skill reaches level 25, you will be able to choose one of the variations of specialization development. You can choose one path of development and upgrade it quite easily using knowledge points, while other areas will require much more time and effort.

It’s all about new items – books of knowledge that are mined on the Dragon Island. You can find the first set of books in special locations and activate once, so you get one well-developed specialization, but you will pump the rest of the branches through the quest system and tasks that will bring new knowledge books with a 7-day cooldown.

At its core, specializations in mining professions will improve the speed of working with hides, add a chance to obtain higher quality materials and process into more leather in quantity and quality.

What race to take for the Skinning profession


Despite the fact that we are opposed to selecting your character exclusively for one of the many activities in the World of Warcraft, you can still achieve advantages in a certain path if you approach character selection more pragmatically.

For skinning, the Draktir class is suitable because of the passive abilities for the chance of finding rare items and Druid Protection, because of the passive ability to skin by 5 units.

Stats that will help improve loot from the Skinning profession


In the Dragonflight update, Blizzard developers have added the concept of stats to both gathering and crafting professions. The parameters will improve the quality of any craft by enhancing the characteristics with the help of buffs and special tools and equipment for craftsmen.

Pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Accuracy – Increases the chance of getting much more consumables when crafting.
  • Dexterity – allows you to process bodies faster and accumulate useful materials and items.
  • Mindfulness – increases the chance to find more valuable materials and resources while crafting.

Of course, all kinds of characteristics will be useful to you, but as you yourself most likely guessed, it is worth concentrating efforts on pumping Perception, then Accuracy, and only then Skill.

Mindfulness is extremely important for future income if you sell consumables, or craft light equipment from them.

Accuracy will come in handy for a similar example, but the quality of equipment from ordinary material will be lower.

Skill will not be superfluous, but speed can be sacrificed for the sake of quality.

What equipment will be useful for you to practice the profession of Skinning


In addition to the characteristics, the developers from Blizzard have added special equipment to the World of Warcraft, which will help players in their professions.

Of the interesting features regarding equipment for professions.

Firstly, it is equipped automatically and the mere presence in the inventory is enough for you to get bonuses from crafting.

Secondly, equipment for each profession is created by different craftsmen. Why Blizzard chose this path is not clear, but it adds extra communication to the entire artisan community for its own sake.

What accessories and items of equipment will help enhance your skinning stats:

Draconic or Kazgorite skinning knife – have an increase to a random profession parameter of 52 and 132, respectively, and adds a skinning parameter of 6 and 10, depending on the item equipped. Crafted by a blacksmith.

Rigid, or reinforced backpack – gives an increase to the accuracy parameter in the amount of 44 or 72 values. When equipping the fortified version, the overall parameter of skinning is also added by 6 units. Items are created by the leatherworker, a bonding profession with skinning and a logical extension to the gathering craft. You will be able to close this request yourself and help other players for gold.

The Basic Skinner’s Helmet and the Master Skinner’s Hat are items that can increase your skill and alertness, but the hat will also increase your skinning value by 6 points. Items are crafted by leather craftsmen, just like backpacks.

What conclusions can be drawn from equipment for crafts.

You will not be able to collect everything yourself, and you will either have to buy the missing equipment or order its creation. It is best to choose the second option, since ordinary items do not provide bonuses to the profession itself. To order, you need to collect everything you need, lay down the payment and place an order through the new order desk, which is located on the Dragon Island.