Ssgkobe – Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki


Ssgkobe is a famous singer, and rapper and millions of people love his songs and rapping style. He earned familiarity because of his amazing singing and rapping style. His songs got famous because of his notoriety and the way he delivered the music. His music sense is quite different and known all over because of his amazing voice and unique performance.

Well, if you want to know how Ssgkobe started his career and what let him choose this field then you are at the right place. In this article, you will get to know every single detail about Ssgkobe and how he started his career and gained many followers, supporters, and popularity. I hope that this article will surely help you to answer your questions regarding Ssgkobe.



Ssgkobe is an American famous personality who was born on 2nd December 2002.

Ssgkobe was born in the United States of America and therefore has an American nationality. He is an intelligent student and his parents love him and support him to follow his dreams. Since childhood, he was involved in writing and had a good voice as he took part in singing competitions when he was in high school.

Throughout his study life, he was a favorite student of his teachers and played a good role in his academic performance. He has a great bond with his friends and family and wants to spend most of his time with them. He is a Christian by religion and follows Christianity. His close friend’s circle supports him and wants him to become a big and known singer in the world.

He does not want to talk about his family on any social media platform as he wants to keep his personal life private. Ssgkobe worked on many albums of music and played an amazing performance in rapping and singing. He also posts his songs on Instagram and YouTube where people follow and like his content. Well, his constant struggle and passion for music led him to become known and gained familiarity at a very young age.

Height, Weight, And Looks


Ssgkobe is an American singer, musician, and rapper who loves writing unique kinds of songs that people love. He is quite smart and has an attractive facial feature with a good body figure. He has black curly hair, a brown skin complexion, and puffy eyes with big and wide lips. His looks are quite different from those of other people. He has a tall and ideal height that inspires many of his followers.

Ssgkobe has a height of almost 6 feet and 2 inches. Whereas, he goes to the gym to build his body muscles and has a good muscular body. The weight of Ssgkobe is about 65 kg and he exercises regularly to maintain it. He is known to be a young and smart singer from America.

Age, Marital Status, And Net Worth

Ssgkobe is a very young and known singer and rapper in the United States of America. People love his voice and songs. He has a good sense of writing songs and performs them well in front of an audience. According to his birth date i-e 2nd December he is just 17 years old. He is quite young but is famous because of his unstoppable struggle and passion for singing and music.

Since early times he is dedicated to his work and does not involve in extramarital relationships. He has a good circle of friends and he usually spends most of the time with them. His friends also helped him in making different songs and supported him during each live performance. He is still single and avoids getting involved in relationships.

He works for different musicians and does rapping for them. Other than this he writes songs and performs by himself. He is a good singer and his capabilities made him win the hearts of millions of people. He gained popularity because of his amazing talents and is now earning a good sum of money because of his dedication to music. The total net worth of Ssgkobe is about $1 Million USD.

Career Building


Ssgkobe is a famous rapper who got famous because of the single tracks that he wrote himself and performed on. Money talk, Hot Fit, Nurse, and Jbreezo are some of his amazing rapping music. Also, he introduced his full album on Soundcloud to his followers. Millions of people listen to his unbeatable rapping and music albums.

Other than this huge number of people (131k) follow him on his Instagram account whereas 20.4k people see his videos and updated content on YouTube. In making his name, his family served as big support behind his career building. Still, he is so focused on achieving his goals as he is still single and working hard to become more famous.

He lives an ideal life and spends most of his money traveling. One of his most famous songs that hit millions of likes on Spotify was ‘’Thrax’’. Woyland, Texaco, Goyxrd, and Summers are some other albums on which he worked. He made his career and is now known as the best American singer, rapper, and songwriter.



Who is Ssgkobe?

Ssgkobe is one of the young singers of America who is a rapper, and songwriter, and made many albums of songs. He has a great voice and talent for singing which leads him to achieve his goal of becoming a well-known singer.

When is the birthday?

Ssgkobe was born on December 2nd in the United States of America. His parents supported him to achieve his dreams of becoming a known personality. It is his parents’ support that now he is known all over the world.

Is Ssgkobe married?

No, Ssgkobe is not married yet. It is so young and a known American star. At the age of 17, he made his name on the list of top singers in America.


Ssgkobe is an inspiration for many young boys who want to become a singer. He started his career at a young age and his talents lead him to gain popularity and similarity among the known singers. If you are one of his followers and read this article to know about his life and career then you have surely got the answers to your questions.