The Future of Warehouse Automation: Vertical Carousel Storage Systems and Beyond


Entrepreneurs with smaller enterprises frequently believe automated warehousing and retrieval systems to be beyond their price range. The simple and obvious explanation for this is the expensive cost of cutting-edge technology for businesses. It might be difficult to remain on top of everything else that needs to be done when you have a lot of stock to manage. To make these operations easier to manage, people have created new and dependable automated storage and retrieval solutions. If you want to know more about warehouse animation & storage options, here’s all that you should know.  books

What is warehouse automation, and how does it work?


Do you know how tricky it can be to navigate a big storage or a warehouse? By implementing technological solutions, warehouse automation aims to decrease manual work, increase productivity, and protect employee safety. Warehouse automation, which strives to automate and enhance warehouse operations, is made up of a variety of technologies, including robots, computers, and automated material handling equipment. It is used to better your lifestyle & overall production.

Why does automated warehouse storage matter?

Automating their warehouse processes has become standard practice among the nation’s leading warehouse providers. The popularity of automation, which had been growing for some time, really took off in 2010. As a result of the recession, storage facilities sought methods to boost productivity without raising payroll. Automation allows companies to improve productivity without increasing prices for consumers. As the price of automated sorters and other technologies decreases and the price of manpower grows, warehouses have more incentive than ever to update their processes. Warehouse operators can save money and improve inventory control with automated storage solutions like vertical storage. The use of modern sensors allows for real-time tracking of items and the early detection of potential issues. These modern advancements require less room in warehouses and less oversight from humans. The objective is to increase worker output while speeding up the delivery of your products to those who need them most.

How to automate your warehouse, what are the steps you need to take?

How, therefore, does one go about automating such a storage facility? Your warehouse can be automated in five easy steps, and those are:

  • Check your current practices: Make sure that everything from storage to delivery is running as smoothly as possible in your warehouse. Find the places where automating tasks can improve things.
  • Establish criteria and goals. Try and make a detailed description of the goals and requirements you have for automation, such as improving accuracy and efficiency and gaining full inventory insight.
  • Look into and compare different solutions and technology. Automated guided vehicles and robotic arms are just two examples of warehouse automation.
  • Make a plan and a budget, and go for a detailed plan for implementing the automation solutions, including a budget, timetable, and required resources.
  • Pick the appropriate form of warehouse automation and put it into action: Do you want to reduce the potential for mistakes and speed up data entry? Alternatively, do you feel the urge to hone your choosing skills? Find the right automation for your warehouse that will help you achieve your goals.

Why do vertical lifts matter?

Other AS/RS types include vertical lift modules and carousel-based ones. Your storage and retrieval requirements can be organized with the aid of an inserter extractor. The inserter extractor rotates the carousel so that it can place or remove things from a storage bin or shelf. Within a predetermined area, it can travel in either a vertical or horizontal plane and direction. Light loads are better handled by carousel-based automated storage and retrieval systems than by unit-load approaches. A VLM can be compared to a vertical carousel in terms of transportation. There are rows of trays on either side of the inserter extractor. After completing the order, the operator returns the tray.

What to know about vertical carousel and its application


Automatic vertical carousels, often known as “revolving shelves” warehouses, are one type of vertical carousel. A series of shelves inside the carousel rotates vertically in both directions, transporting merchandise from the store to the chosen pickup location as quickly as possible. This layout makes it easy to retrieve stored items quickly and makes excellent use of available vertical space. By using this strategy, you can save a lot of time compared to using standard shelves. The number of vertical carousels depends on the number of products being displayed and the intended purpose of the display. Utilizing previously underutilized vertical space, this method reduces overall construction costs. This means you may keep more in a smaller space, eliminating the need for an expensive building expansion.

Benefits of vertical storage systems


Using the “goods to man” approach, picked items are brought to the picker via the pick window at the push of a button. As a result, the picker spends up to 70% less time wandering around the warehouse, increasing the pick rate per hour. Thanks to the compact storage design, the vertical warehouse area is now fully used. Vertical storage systems can reduce the amount of warehouse space required by as much as 80–90% when compared to traditional storage methods. These systems’ mechanisms prioritize ergonomics by delivering items at a picker-friendly height. Making picking simpler and reducing the amount of reaching, lifting, extending, and bending needed by the operator, this overall approach lowers the risk of work-related accidents.

Where to find a solution that suits you and your business?

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