Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Wife, Career, & More!

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - Biography and Career

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar – Biography

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - Early Life

Before we get into who Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s wife is, we’ll go over some of the details regarding his personal life and career. That way, you’ll get a better understanding of who he is and what he has accomplished so far in his career. You might even learn something new and interesting that you didn’t know before!

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is best known for being an American basketball player. He was born in 1947 in New York. Jabbar played 20 seasons in NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as the Los Angeles Lakers. Take a look at the list below to see some of the records he achieved during his career as a center:

  • A record six-time NBA MVP
  • A record 19-time NBA All-Star
  • A 15-time All-NBA Team member
  • An 11-time NBA All-Defensive Team member

Abdul-Jabbar is extremely tall, which is why at one point during his childhood he went through a depressive episode resulting from kids bullying him. Kids used to bully him and make mean comments about his height since he was taller than most people his age.

When he was in high school, he started his journey of record-breaking basketball accomplishments. He even got the nickname “The Tower from Power” when he won three New York City Catholic championships.

Abdul-Jabbar decided to retire when he was 43, and at the time, in 1989, he was considered the NBA’s all-time leader in:

  • Games played (1,560)
  • Personal fouls (4,657)
  • Career wins (1,074)
  • Defensive rebounds (9,394)
  • Field goals made (15,837)
  • Blocked shots (3,189)
  • Field goal attempts (28,307)
  • Points (38,387)
  • Minutes (57,446)

He is still considered the all-time leader in career wins, field goals made, as well as points scored. Abdul-Jabbar is also ranked third all-time when it comes to rebounds and blocked shots. He had a very successful and memorable career, and he is still considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Besides Michael Jordan, he is considered the best player in the whole of NBA history. Apart from being a basketball player, he was also a basketball coach, an actor, as well as a best-selling author, and a martial artist.

All You Need To Know About Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Wife

Since you’re now acquainted with all you need to know about Kareem Abdul Jabbar and his personal life, as well as his professional career, we’ll move on to his romantic life and marriage. The marriage of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and his ex-wife Habiba Abdul-Jabbar was interesting and rocky, and we’re here to deliver all the details.

Abdul-Jabbar met Habiba at one of the Los Angeles Lakers games when he was in his senior year at UCLA. Habiba was born Janice Brown but she changed her name when he converted from Christian to Muslim because of her husband. She was born in New York to Christian parents, and she was still in college when she met Kareem. The two started dating not long after they met each other.

They have been dating for a while before they decided to get married in 1971. The reason why we said their marriage was rocky is that they had quite a difficult time with her parents and a certain situation that took place during their wedding day, which left an impact for several years to come. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start from the beginning.

Habiba’s parents were Catholic, even though Habiba converted to Islam and changed her name in the process. The couple decided to get married in a mosque, and her parents traveled to attend the wedding and support their child. However, because they were Catholics, they were denied from entering the mosque.

That is why they were very offended and the entire situation caused a rift between them and Kareem. Although Kareem himself was new to all of this and didn’t know that they wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding in the mosque, the damage was already done. Luckily, the relationship between him and her parents managed to slowly get repaired, but it took several long years for them to get to that point.

Kareem and Habiba had three children together—Habiba, Sultana, and Kareem Jr. Their son followed in his father’s footsteps and played basketball in Western Kentucky.

After spending 8 years together, the couple, unfortunately, called it quits and their marriage ended in 1978. Some believe that the reason for their divorce was Kareem’s alleged affair, but we can’t be sure whether this is true or not. Although their marriage ended, they still kept in touch and remained good co-parents for their amazing children. As far as we know, the decision to get a divorce was mutual.