A Mini Guide to Gamer8 – Ultimate 2024 Instrucions

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Gamer8 is back and will this year feature an incredible total prize pool that has to be seen to be believed. It is the second edition of the annual Saudi Arabian gaming and esports festival, which features everything from esports competitions and concerts to panel discussions and workshops. So, when is the event, and where will it happen? Read this mini guide to Gamer8 2024.

Where is Gamer8 2024?

Gamer8 2024: The Land of Heroes will this year take place at the NXTLVL Arena at Boulevard Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia. It is set to be bigger and better than last year’s event, offering more games, many events, and bigger prize pools. Yet, it will follow a similar format to last year but will feature double the prize pool. Every day features an exciting event or title, as it promises to host 300+ tournaments and 11 titles with 20+ teams competing for a substantial sum. You won’t want to miss it.

When is Gamer8 2024?

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Gamer8 2024 will return for its second year on July 6th and run for an incredible eight weeks. New experiences and challenges are unlocked weekly, and fans can watch as the best esports teams on the planet go against one another to win the highest prize pools in the world. If the competitions aren’t enough, attendees can watch performances from world-famous artists, learn more about the creation of video games, and even watch their much-loved gaming platforms come to life. It is an event you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.

How Much Will eSports Teams Win?

You might have thought you got lucky when securing a no-deposit bonus casino deal for online games, such as the ones offered on Jackpots.ch, but the champion esports teams in the world will be even luckier. As mentioned, the prize pool is double the amount from 2024, as the festival tournaments will reach a total sum of $30 million USD. As the prize pool is bigger and the event promises to be better than ever, attendees can expect a more lavish event in 2024.

Who Will Qualify for Gamer8 2024?

Only the best esports teams in the world will qualify for Gamer8 2024, ensuring attendees watch the most talented gamers in action at the annual event. The top teams from the biggest esports tournaments in the world will secure a place, giving them an opportunity to prove they are the most skilled gamers and win a large sum, with elite prizes varying from one to two million dollars. Fans can expect similar tournaments to last year, including Fortnite, Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, and CS GO tournaments.

Who Won’t Attend?

Unfortunately, some esports organizations refused to take part in Gamer8 2022 and may choose to do the same at the 2024 event. For example, Moist Esports refused to compete at the Rocket League event, as they avoided Gamer8 due to Saudi Arabia’s current stance on the LGBTQ+ community.

What is the Next World Forum?

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The Next World Forum is an esports and gaming conference at Gamer8, which proved a huge hit in 2022. It is scheduled that Gamer8: The Land of Heroes will come to an end with the Next World Forum in August 2024. It is an ideal way to bring the unforgettable festival to a close, as it unites esports and gaming leaders and experts from across the globe to discuss the exciting future of the industry.

What Attractions Should Attendees Expect at Gamer8?

Attendees will not be disappointed by the number of fun activities and attractions available throughout the day at Gamer8: The Land of Heroes. Plenty of fun shows, events, and futuristic experiences are expected over its three days, which will aim to bring the virtual gaming world to life.

For instance, Aramco Sim Racing is a must-visit for passionate racing fans, as it will allow them to try state-of-the-art simulators to feel like they are sitting behind the wheel of a powerful car. Also, they can embrace their competitive side by participating in a weekly racing tournament.

Also, many retro-inspired gaming attractions will make many attendees feel nostalgic, as they could use physical blocks to play a real-life game of Tetris. Also, gaming fans could attempt to find their way out of a 6-meter-tall Pac-Man maze, which will bring the fun of the arcade game to life.

Avid gamers will not want to miss the Falcons HQ, either. They will have an opportunity to meet and play with the talented content creators from the Falcons team. Plus, there will be plenty of chances to learn from their experience, and they can gain access to exclusive game launches of popular titles, such as Mortal Kombat.

Are There Any Attractions for Kids at the Gamer8 Festival?

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Gamer8: The Land of Heroes is going above and beyond to ensure kids of all ages have a fun day at the event. The Kids’ Dome is a must-visit when looking for fun activities to excite children and teenagers. For example, children can find their dream careers and pick cool costumes at the Barbie event. Also, they can enjoy Transformer-related activities to unleash their creativity or visit the Nerf attraction for a safe yet challenging shooting experience.

What is an All-Access Pass?

An All-Access Pass is exactly as it sounds. It provides attendees with access to all Festival Event Activation throughout their chosen day. Pass holders can explore the venues at their leisure, ensuring they experience a fun and full day of gaming from beginning to end. The All-Access Pass is a must-buy for those who don’t want to miss one fun attraction or experience at the iconic gaming event.

One thing is certain, Gamer8 2024: The Land of Heroes promises to be more exciting and action-packed than ever before. Offering a bigger prize pool, exceptional entertainment, and unmissable events, it is a must-attend for avid esports fans. Also, the gaming event isn’t restricted to adults, as there are plenty of fun attractions and events to suit children of almost every age and interest. However, you would be wise to book tickets soon to avoid disappointment.