Must-Try Food in Ulu Tiram (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)


Ulu Tiram, known as a suburb of Johor Bahru (Malaysia). Ulu Tiram has been surrounded by urban sprawl since the 1990s. It is now part of the Tebrau growth corridor and one of the fastest growing suburbs in the city.

This small town is full of great food that will keep you coming back time and time again. Now I’ll take you on a culinary journey in search of these delicious treats.

1. Eng Kee Noodle House


This eatery has been in business for 16 years and was started in 2001 by founders from Teluk Intan (Perak). They are famous for their delicious chicken feet and homemade noodles.

The noodles are made from the flour and fresh eggs. They are thick and elastic. The town’s Charsiew is another highlight. They use lean meat, and then pickle for hours to make the meat juicy and tasty.

It’s no surprise that they feature braised chicken feet as their signature, as they are just a few of the highlights. Chicken feet are delicious with noodles. The combination of the two foods melts in the mouth and is very delicious. This shop is unlike any other Johor Bahru wanton noodles. So Johor Bahru has many loyal fans of their homemade noodles. The shop also offers wanton noodles as well as baked and fried wanton. Worth a visit if you are passing through Johor or traveling in the area.

2. Tiram Laksa


The stall was located right next to Tiram Laksa primary school. This owner has a rare determination that is hard to find in urban people today. He intends to give the original Ulu Tiram Laksa taste passed down through generations and tourists.

The stall is situated in the owners’ home, making it easy for them to run their business every day. It also provides a friendly atmosphere for all who come for their Laksa. In the beginning, the owner sold Tiram Laksa riding a tricycle along Tiram streets. It is still used occasionally, but it allows Ulu Tiram residents to enjoy a bowl of Laksa at their homes.

This is an authentic Laksa restaurant that you should try in Ulu Tiram. Tiram Laksa’s unique flavor is their rich coconut broth. It has just the right amount red chili and coconut milk. This is why people keep returning to Tiram Laksa for more. Tiram Laksa also includes a large selection of side dishes, including bean sprouts and fried fish balls.

The main ingredient noodles that can be used to pair the laksa are the lye water yellow noodles. These noodles are springy and not too soggy after being dipped in the broth. It is mild enough to be enjoyed by children and seniors, as well as those with spice-phobia.

We also recommend their homemade sambal paste! It is truly a match made in heaven with the Laksa Here can provide blood cockles for those who are blood cockles lovers. This is the place to go if you’re looking for an old school Laksa. What are you waiting to do? Enjoy the Laksa right now!

3. Old Upstairs Wei Sheng Yuan Coffee shop


This coffee shop is unique because there is no signboard at its door or even the side door. It keeps the coffee shop low-profile. The hidden coffee shop will surprise guests as they climb the stairs. Even more remarkable is the fact that this coffee shop, which is unbranded, is always full of people especially during breakfast.

Johor Bahru knows about this place, even though it is not well-known due to its delicious and affordable food. Since decades, the coffee shop has been run by a brother and sister. It is easy to locate the location, which is near Ulu Tiram primary school.

You can follow the overpass towards the primary school and look for the parking. The coffee shop is located on the left side of the building.

This coffee is 100 percent guaranteed to be traditional, hand-made coffee. Traditional breakfast should not be missed: Butter and Kaya baked bread is a must-try. After baking, the toast is crispy and has thick, creamy slices. The kaya sauce is mildly sweetened, making it a traditional favorite way to eat. The half-boiled eggs are also fresh. Are you curious as to what brand of eggs your boss uses? They use fresh kampung chicken eggs!

Kampung eggs egg yolks are bright yellow, and they are more nutritious than regular eggs. The sambal bread is another highlight. South Malaysia was the only country where sambal bread is more popular. A sandwich made of baked bread and an egg. Surprise! Many merchants only use one-third of the egg to sandwich their bread. This is to save costs. It is thin and the yolk of the egg is broken, so it’s difficult to taste. This is a different version!

Nasi Lemak is another food that you should not miss. This Nasi Lemak did not include anchovies, but that wasn’t a major problem. This is because the protagonists are sambal, and Nasi Lemak. The rice has a strong santan aroma and is deliciously grainy. Be sure to get there early, as the coffee shop can be crowded on weekends and holidays.

4. Restoran Sunshine


Start your day at this old and famous restaurant! Their breakfast “coffee and toast” will keep you energized throughout the day! From sandwiches and wanton noodles to cakes and refreshing beverages, your cravings will be satisfied.

Aromatic coffee is made from old-fashioned coffee grounds. Unlike instant coffee, these ground coffees need to be brewed and simmered for a few minutes before adding any additional flavors like milk and sugar. This is to ensure a nice “kao” (thick) coffee base before serving. The strong ancient flavor will definitely bring back childhood memories for anyone after eating it!

In addition to traditional coffee, there are also many types of toast. We would like to recommend their most special menu in this shop, which is egg and sambal chilli toast. The toast is toasted and crispy, served with tender eggs and sambal. What makes it different from other toasts is that it has a spicier taste, and the aroma of chilli and spices in the sambal overflows as soon as you chew.

They also sell other traditional Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese foods such as nasi lemak, wantan mee and Mianfenguo. Best of all, all of these menus are freshly prepared each morning to ensure guests receive the best possible food.

The open kitchen in the store is like a tea factory, and there are endless streams of staff and customers. It feels like a lively coffee shop, and the service is faster than you think. The food here is good and the prices are reasonable.

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