Saygin Yalcin Net Worth in 2024, Age, Wife, Height, Quotes

Saygin Yalcin net worth

Saygin Yalcin Net Worth: Businessman, entrepreneur, and investor Saygin Yalcin hail from Turkey. The former immigrant grew up in a Turkish family before moving to Germany. A start-up that buys and sells cars online, is run by him. In addition to running a successful YouTube channel with more than 9 lakh subscribers, he is also a successful blogger. Let’s examine Saygin Yalcin Net Worth, biography, business, family, and wife.


Bremen, Germany is the birthplace of the entrepreneur. He has not listed his parents or siblings, but he has listed his name and current location. His parents are Turkish and moved to Germany when he was young. This led to him gaining dual citizenship. Saygin loved football very much. His first step toward becoming a professional footballer was playing in the German Junior League A-Junioren Bundesliga. His goal was to acquire English as a 19-year-old in New York. 

After attending elementary school in Germany, he moved to the United States and Mexico to continue his studies. He received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Otto Beisheim School of Management at WHU in Germany.


NameSaygin Yalcin
Age36 years
Birthday14 May 1985
Saygin Yalcin Net Worth$5 billion (36000 Crore)
Yearly Income$500 Million
5 feet 8 inches
60 kg
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendKendall Jenner
Hobbiesphotography, learning, traveling, Reading, Exercise
QualificationMasters in Business 

Professional Life

When he first came to New York, he worked as a DJ and hoped to play in the city’s biggest clubs. His first business career was as a DJ. In order to learn Spanish, he moved to Mexico after returning to Germany to study. Several years later, he opened his first business in Dubai.

As he did not have money, he went through a struggling phase. His office was a free Wi-Fi restaurant in Barcia where he stayed. He developed his business plan at the hotel, talked to investors, and hired potential employees. As a result of his company’s rapid growth, he made a million dollars seven months after launch. His company was started with borrowed funds. Fashion brand for women selling handbags and diamond rings. Unfortunately, due to a low budget, this business failed. A private online shopping club was launched by him in 2009, called 

After operating for three years, he sold it for $600 million to Both Jabbar Internet Group and Souq made him a partner in 2012. He then founded Sellyanycar a year later. This is the first and largest auto-buying platform in the UAE that guarantees 30-minute sales. In addition to lecturing at several UAE universities, Saygin teaches entrepreneurship and e-commerce. In addition to Launch Hero, which connects entrepreneurs with mentors and investors, he is also the founder of Startup Hero. He was inspired by the realization that entrepreneurs who struggle with fundraising, mentorship, and exposure will have an advantage when they approach investors for quality deals.

His self-titled YouTube channel is where he shares the majority of his entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. The channel was created on November 17, 2013.


 While he does not have a wife yet, he does have a girlfriend named Kendall Jenner. On his girlfriend’s 21st birthday, he gifted her a Rolls Royce, which helped him to be spotted and featured in the news.

Houses and cars

The expensive cars Saygin drives and the mansion he lives in demonstrate that he lives one of the most luxurious lives. He owns a home in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and a number of properties in the United Arab Emirates. The 2,036-square-foot apartment has a value of $2 million and is spread out over 1,778 square feet. Earlier this year, he purchased a $17 million house in Dubai. It comes with impressive features such as a fingerprint sensor for unlocking the door. In addition, he owns $80 million worth of private land. 

Saygin Yalcin Net Worth

He is the wealthiest businessman. Saygin Yalcin Net Worth is 36000 crores in Indian rupees and 5 billion dollars. He earns most of his income through business activities such as “Sell any car” and more.

Saygin Yalcin makes 500 Million USD a year, which is 3600 Crore in Indian rupees. The young entrepreneur became one of the wealthiest in the Gulf country very quickly. Through social media, like Youtube, he makes money.

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How old is saygin yalcin?

The year 2024 will mark his 36th birthday.

How much is saygin yalcin net worth?

Currently, Saygin Yalcin net worth is 5 billion dollars and 36000 crores Indian rupees.

Is saygin yalcin married?

He is unmarried till now.

Is saygin yalcin turkish?

Originally from Turkey, he moved to Germany as a child.