What Happens if the Pressure Is Too High in a Pipe?

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Have you ever noticed that the water pressure in a pipe is too high? Did the hose that connects the water line to your washing machine unexpectedly leak? Pipe stress is when the pressure is too high. In case the water pressure in your home’s plumbing reaches this level, it stresses the pipes in the plumbing system and can cause your water pipe to leak or burst.

These minor plumbing problems are nothing serious to worry about for most people. It’s a simple fix that requires off-the-shelf parts and a few minutes of your time. In most cases, with the right tools, you can easily do it yourself.

On the other hand, excessive water pressure is difficult to contain and can be caused by worn gaskets and leaks. It can damage your pipes and cause harm to the appliances running in your house, like washing machines. In such cases, you can connect with professionals from hedlundplumbing.com, which offer plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services. You can contact them to clean your drains or fix the pipes’ leaks.

The damage caused when the high pressure flows through the pipe is concerning. If you’re facing these below-mentioned problems, then pour water pressure is on the higher side.

Damages The Pipes

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Water could be a magnificent force in your home. It might cause some damage over a long time, often without you realizing something is wrong. When high water pressure flows through a pipe and stops, it can cause long tenure damage, such as a small leak. These leaks lead to structural damage and even burst pipes.

Call your plumber services immediately if you hear a rattling noise with pipes. High water pressure tends to put a lot of unnecessary pressure or stress on the overall functioning of the plumbing services of the house. These conditions result in leaks and the connection of the pipe being loose to the core.

You may also notice little clumps often behind walls, ceilings, and floors. As the damage accumulates, it will eventually rot, stink, or affect an area larger than you can imagine. It starts with affecting and damaging the pipes and eventually creates havoc in the house. Your walls lose their shine, and the house’s appearance goes dull. So, make sure you notice things and call a plumber before it gets late.

Affects The Home Appliances

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Home water pressure is fundamental to dishwashers, washing machines, and other water-using appliances. High water pressure shortens the equipment’s life and requires frequent replacement. Additionally, you will experience leaky faucets all over your home. You may notice changes everywhere in a kitchen sink, a flush toilet, or a shower.

Noisy Appliances

The appliances are interconnected with the plumbing services because of the same connection and supply. Not only does it affect the appliance internally, but you may also hear loud noises. Are you hearing strange noises from your dishwasher? Does your washing machine make a weird and loud noise when you fill it with water?

These all indicate that the core problem lies in the high water pressure being supplied and flowing through your pipes. The disturbance and the noise are that the seals and mechanical parts that make these devices work when forced to cope with higher water pressures wear out faster. Overall, the result is low appliance life, noise, and stress.

Less Supply Of Hot Water

The heater you have in your house may limit you to the hot water supply because of high pressure. The cold water may replace the hot one at a faster pace. Hence, you might end up bathing in cold water.

If the heater must constantly heat the water after an incomplete cycle, the tank will likely wear out faster. Also, it leaked well before its expected life, and the water heater may only last a while. Most heaters have a thermal expansion tank to accommodate this extra capacity. However, suppose your water pressure is high. In that case, your water heater may not have enough space to expand the water, which can lead to severe failure.

One certainly wants to avoid expensive appliances ruin because of a small leak or high-pressure intensity. So, observe around and look for maintenance services before it gets late.

High Water Bills

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One of the significant changes that you might notice is while paying your water bills. It is essential to notice the small or significant changes leading to a surge in amounts. High water pressure is held responsible if you notice and compare the prices of your neighbors with the same lifestyle. A similar-sized home with the same water supply better evaluates the current issue. It helps to pay attention to the underlying issue.

It would contribute to the waste of water and waste of money. When you turn on the high-pressure faucet, it will spit out more water. Before the price increases by two folds, ensure that you observe the ongoing activities in your house. It includes leaking pipes, damage to water appliances, and running toilets with continuously flowing water even if the flush is not in use.

Keeping track won’t make a hole in your pocket later, and you can fix these issues cost-effectively. The higher water pressure may result if the pressure regulator valve fails or if you have a house at the bottom of a mountain or hill.


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High water pressure will be a severe problem in the future, leading to the dull appearance of the house and malfunctioning of the appliances connected to plumbing services. Also, you must remember the running toilets, high water bills, and related issues due to the high intensity of water flow. One can easily avoid this by installing a water pressure regulator and contacting plumbing services to fix the issue.

Many plumbing services offer solutions to the damages caused by high pressure. High pressure is being flown through a pipe. You may also access fantastic maintenance services and drainage control methods. A sound plumbing system in the house ensures decent water flow and proper functioning of the essentials.